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Trump's Obamacare Repeal Could Spell Chaos for Unstable Insurance Market

Trump's Obamacare Repeal Could Spell Chaos for Unstable Insurance Market

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Uncertainty about the future of Obamacare under a Trump administration might "spook" insurers and prompt them to leave the market early to avoid losses, Politico reported on Monday, which could spell chaos for consumers who are already facing a turbulent healthcare landscape.

The repeal of Obamacare is overdue. It does not have to be replaced. We should expand and improve Medicare to cover all ages and conditions. How this is done has been spelled out in HR-676 now in Congress, introduced by Rep. John Conyers for the seventh time since 2003. There are 62 co-sponsors now; urge your representative to join them. We do not need insurance companies in the health care system - we are the only advanced country in the world where private insurance plays such a large part. They planned Obamacare to insure their own health, not ours.


Yes, a lot of people WILL suffer.

Yes, and Trump and the Republican Congress are big champions of single payer too!

Yunzer - You are regrettably too optimistic. Trump could be in favor of single payer on the basis of certain remarks, but you are not correct about the Republican Congress - I wish it were so. All 62 current co-sponsors of HR-676 are Democrats. However, this is a non-partisan issue - there are many Republicans who do support single payer. I live in New Hampshire. One of the co-chairs of the NH chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program is a Republican. The big problem is that the private insurance industry has a lot of money to fight expanded and improved Medicare. Insurance lobbyists have been reported to outnumber Congressmen 7 to 1.

Once again the New Left is simply lying. Obamacare is a lie. Period. The ACA is simply one more link in the 'Surveillance - Coercion - Control" paradigm. As a democrat…Liberal and member of a ‘healthcare family’…The Reality…of Obamacare is one of corruption, profiteering, and a collection of propagandist tropes that are utterly false in reality. The ACA has made the lives of working Doctors and Nurses (especially Nurses, and especially in ER’s) immensely more difficult in some really awful ways. For example, the ‘quality of care’ component was almost immediately discovered by the legions of homeless and ‘others’ as a way to…literally…extort…Hotel vouchers, food vouchers, cab rides etc…from Hospitals and clinics barely holding on financially. Because you see, if you simply fill out a form, under the ACA, the clinic or hospital or ‘provider’ can be denied the payment by Medicare et al. Once this was discovered it became a literal ‘weapon’ for ‘seekers’ and ‘others’ to get what they want, ‘or else’ they falsify their ‘quality of care’ forms and initiate a bureaucratic process that is a nightmare. Even more insane and critical is the still as yet ‘never discussed publicly’ by ANY journalistic source, nightmare reality of the ACA which I’ll call the “No One Can Get A Primary Care Physician Anymore, At All, Ever, Period!”. Yup! In towns…cities…nationwide…the critical element necessary under the ACA for ANY “Referral” (need an MRI? Need X-rays? Need Lab Work?) is a primary care physician. Those so called ‘20 million’ (nice round number btw) the new left whines about endlessly are in fact using 100% of the Healthcare resources in this country. Everyone knows this and yet it has gone literally “Undiscussed” by the Obama admin or the “Left”. Obamacare is a failure. Will Trump make it better? No! But to flip out over the ACA’s potential demise as the New Left has been doing from day 1 is more evidence of their need 'Hold On To Perceived Victory" vs. “The Reality Of The Situation”, the New Left aggressiveness re. the ACA is akin to “Prosecutorial Zeal” or when some vicious DA refuses to back off of a prosecution even when irrefutable evidence of innocence is available. Finally…the “Mandate”. From the very beginning, such a viciously authoritarian prospect that I for one protest it by well, lying, every chance I get regarding ANY “Medical Data” required. I refuse to purchase “Insurance” until I need it, nor will I ever pay the ‘fine’. The psychotic reality of armed law enforcement (IRS) actually forcing us to purchase “For Profit Corporate Products” in the form of Insurance is…not freedom. And the New Left has been threatening to make more “penalties” from the beginning, to the extent that its a kind of ‘meme’ you’ve all heard; ‘We need to put…teeth…into the ACA’…read: “We need to REALLY be able to threaten, surveille, coerce or even simply extort money from everyone”. Not me. I will not do it. Never have, never will. The ACA was written by corporations and is more than ‘flawed’ it is in fact quite vile. The ACA is a lie.

Where do you get the idea that the GOP plans to support any Single-Payer health insurance and to be its ‘champions’? Maybe Trump, but that also remains to be seen when he finally gets down to reality if he’ll ever live with being real. But the GOP; tell us what you mean.