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Trump's Offer to Meet With Iran's President Rouhani Won't Get Us a Better Deal. We Had Our Chance and Lost It.


Trump's Offer to Meet With Iran's President Rouhani Won't Get Us a Better Deal. We Had Our Chance and Lost It.

Trita Parsi

After withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal and threatening Iran with "consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before," President Trump announced on Monday that he wants to meet with President Ro


It is a good thing if Trump meets with Rouhani. It is a step in the right direction. I don’t know how much it will accomplish. The United States has the most nuclear missiles in the world and Israel is the only nuclear armed nation in the Mideast. Neither nation will give up its nuclear arsenal.


IRAN, ( Persia) was the world’s first super power--------and Iran knows how that ends, because their superpower reign ended. America, sadly , has no sense of world history, nor even American history. Iran has been there and done that and has nothing to prove.
Trump always has something to prove as did Bush 2 and Clinton. The last 2 presidents that knew about War. Bush 1 and Carter were actually in a war. Maybe that’s why they weren’t as bloodthirsty as the others…Besides guys, you never know how war is going to end. CYRUS the Great was certainly surprised when Tomyris, ( sp?) the warrior queen , had his head cut off and stuffed into a bag of wine. All top dogs become old dogs, but only if they’re lucky : )


Hubris assures that everybody’s empire will fall.

While right wing propaganda portrays threats to empire from outside forces, most empires have been destroyed from within, just like we are witnessing in Murka today.


Guess what? So Iran has gained more influence and more power in the Middle East and the US and its so called allies in the area are very worried about it. Did you remember that it was the incompetent GW Bush who destroyed the only foil against Iran in the area, Iraq! Iraq was a natural impediment and obstruction to Iran’s goals in the area. Of course the foolish US decides to remove that obstacle and then has the gross hypocrisy to complain about Iran’s growth in influence. I just shake my head at the ineptitude of Americans and let’s face it, stupidity!


Trumpkin’s strategy on deals seems to be threaten the other side with nuclear annihilation, scare the shit out of everybody and make the other side capitulate. The problem of course is that some country could take him seriously and decide to strike before he might. Instead of an offer one can’t refuse, it could turn into a SHTF situation. This time being separated by an ocean won’t save US.

Kids shouldn’t play with nukes.


Yeah, yeah, it’d be a “good thing” if Trump met with Rouhani. It would have been a better thing if he hadn’t ripped up the multi-national agreement that others had already made with Iran that - guess what? - took care of all the freaking issues the US had with Iran. And everyone involved was adhering to their sides of the agreement.

The “problem” had already been solved. For no f-ing reason whatsoever, Trump decided to re-create the problem, and now he offers to “fix” the “problem” he himself just made into a problem again. That’s a mighty strange way to do things. It should be unacceptable to everyone.

This is the way he “fixes” everything. Take something that’s working, break it, and then offer to “fix” it all over again.

There should be no reason to have to work out a new deal with Iran; there was nothing wrong with the deal we had. Now we are back to square one, and I won’t give Trump kudos for offering to fix what he broke.


If the Israel was afraid of an existential threat from Iran’s (non-existent) nuclear weapons program, it would not have had its U.S. minions cancel the Iran deal.

A separate point: Iran’s influence in the area (supporting an independent Palestinian State, opposing the dictatorship of the Saudi family, fighting ISIS) is mainly an influence for good.


Trump must meet with Rouhani because there is no other way. He should have just accepted Obama’s deal. The Democrats should support Trump’s talks with Kim. The Democrats : Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi & many others are critical of Trump for meeting with Kim but voted to authorize war with Iraq. Parties should work together for the right reasons & not the wrong reasons.