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Trump's Offshore Drilling Plan flouts Law by Ignoring Governors' Wishes


Trump's Offshore Drilling Plan flouts Law by Ignoring Governors' Wishes

Sue Sturgis

Listening to governors when drawing up a five-year offshore drilling plan is not merely a matter of courtesy

Demonstrators take part in a rally against offshore drilling outside the White House on May 15, 2016. (Photo: DCErica/flickr/cc)


Let’s hope the Governors will stand firm on this and not back down! Their primary responsibilities are to their state and its citizens, not the Trump administration or the
Oil and Gas Lobbyists!


From a political perspective I don’t see how this makes sense for the Republicans. It could tip Florida toward the Democrats and North Carolina as well. And also Georgia. Polls show most of the public is in favor of protecting the environment. The Republicans must be so sure that they can win on racism alone that they are willing to wreck the environment to pay off their big donors. Maybe they will wind up with this white nation that the dream about but it will be full of toxins and will eventually succumb to climate catastrophe.


To make the United States the “Strongest Energy Superpower” would require a mandate from our Federal Government to invest in massive amounts of renewable energy sources and a reduction in fossil fuels exploration.

Anything short of this is “smoke and mirrors,” as well as, a recipe for our own destruction.


When will the boneheads running things realize that remaining fossil fuels, oil especially along with coal, need to STAY in the ground? To burn these reserves will only hasten the demise if Earth’s current crop of inhabitants including humans. Really, this is a slow-motion drive toward extinction which has already begun unnoticed by most people. A sixth extinction well underway as more and more plants and creatures go away in an ever rapidly acceleration. We see this as trees are destroyed to grow cows for food. Oceans are decimated by heat and over fishing. Indigenous species are replaced by GMO Frankenstein monster species as in fish farms, Orcas won’t touch the ‘fake’ salmon, I bet they know something the stupid humans don’t. Leave these reserves in the ground and usher in a new, better way to live because if not we’re all doomed.


Who dat, said they gonna drain the swamp?


Trump constantly proves his ignorance every day…I haven’t seen one thing he has done or said I would call smart. Trump is the leader of the ignorance brigade.


Forget the Governors…How about ignoring the will of the people? Well I guess it is just like everything else. We are merely debt/wage slaves to be used until used up and they will continue to do as they please.


He sure has made a lot of rich people richer.


He drained it and put in a cesspool.


Including himself…He wasn’t expecting to win but seeing as how he did he immediately went on his way to profit from it. The most unethical man to ever grace the White House.


and that my friend is saying something:)