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Trump's Ominous 'Calm Before the Storm' Comment Sparks Fears of Impending War


Trump's Ominous 'Calm Before the Storm' Comment Sparks Fears of Impending War

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Extremely disturbing how the president teases war like it's a fun thing for us all to do."


Look at the STUPID IDIOTS standing behind FOOL tRUMP! They are going to get us all killed or damaged forever, if we continue to allow them any power over our nation.


Jesus Christ. Will someone please lock this mother***er up before he kills millions. This douche is beyond inhuman, he is beyond immature, he is beyond mentally unbalanced. And look at all the other douches in government that just tolerate him or even support him. Not to mention over 1/3 of this country’s idiotic citizens.

I fear it won’t be long now before we all pay a horrible, horrible price for their apathy, complacency, or outright enthusiasm.


For a long time I believed the myth that the US president is just a figurehead controlled by powerful corporate and military forces. Well, that actually was a myth. The office of the presidency has evolved into a monarchy in which the ruler holds the sole power of war and peace, or world destruction in fact. Removing Trump has now become its own kind of myth, as if impeachment or invoking of the 25th amendment would remove the institution of monarchy. A President Pence might at least create a semblance of stability for a while unless he is even crazier than he appears to be, but I have to think that the little theocrat is worth the gamble, considering the clear and present danger presented by Trump. But who would follow under our antiquated electoral college and voter suppression system? President Roy Moore?

It appears impossible now but it seems clear to me that the constitution needs to be drastically altered for the sake of not just national ,but human, survival. At the very least the chief executive power needs to be shared among several elected officials. Perhaps in some utopian future, a panel of people would be nominated by each party in which the voters choose not only the presiding official but those who are to be entrusted with defense, foreign and domestic policy, science and so forth. The choice to go to war and similar major decisions could require unanimous consent, instead of our present system of decision by whim.


There are no political parties in a utopian future.


And there is no utopian future


There is only the present.

And presently, we have an Oligarch Ogre badly in need of brain surgery.


Could be a distraction from his inane comments on Puerto Rico, the investigations into his Russian connections, his financial conflicts of interest, his low approval ratings, his latest Muslin ban, his harsh round up of undocumented immigrants, his failure to pass any significant legislation, etc.


The Zionist banksters of the deep state may have convinced trump to go to war with Iran since DPRK has the nukes and Israel really wants the US to attack Iran.


Of course. A ginned up war is always the distraction of choice for a failing president.


Its not trump he is just a blow hard bumbling idiot, it’s the deep state and the Pentagon pushing for war with Iran now that Syria is lost along with Iraq.


Great idea, i 2nd the motion!


Good one, the double zero.


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It sounds like Heaven on Earth where you live.

Perhaps one day we could hang out for a bowl and and a brew Geezer.


Parliamentary democracy would have removed him with a vote of no confidence. PMs are far more cautious.


Good lord somebody lock up this moron before he causes irreparable damage.


He’s playing “Squirrel!” with us. Look over there, I’ll start a war, I’ll posture and threaten because I’m too simple minded to understand how dangerously deranged that makes me look. If I can keep you distracted, you’ll forget about Russia-gate, Jared’s lies and criminal behavior, the dismantling of the government to favor my buddies, tax reform designed to rip off the people…


His bad relations with Puerto Rico highlight Trump’s racism. He is racist and does not like Black and Brown people. Add to that his not so wonderful foreign relations while trying to generate a war with North Korea and then start another war in Iran by invalidating a peace treaty. I would say Trump is a bad president, but I think the description would be “horrific.” Perhaps the worst president ever.


That’s what fucking morons do. They start wars, but never would fight in them.