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Trump's "Open Mind" on Climate Denounced as Nothing but "Empty Rhetoric"


Trump's "Open Mind" on Climate Denounced as Nothing but "Empty Rhetoric"

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump's claim to be keeping an "open mind" about the Paris climate change accord is nothing but "a bunch of empty rhetoric" when viewed alongside his policy proposals and personnel choices, environmental group 350.org charged on Tuesday.


Too much credit is given to state that DJT has a mind...open or closed. Like the scarecrow, it is full of straw...look at it poking out all over his skull.


68% of the people and 48% of Republicans think the federal government should move on climate change. I don't think Trump got his votes by denouncing climate science. That was red meat to the truly ignoramuses, but the economic situation is what drove him to victory. Maybe he will flip flop on climate change. Stranger things have happened.


Its now up to the rest of the world to fight for action and oppose any actions by Trump & Co to gut the already tepid Paris COP21 climate "agreements" - world leaders must step up to the plate strongly and not submit to Trumps pathological ignorance and arrogance!


Arguably the most dangerous part of the Trump administration will his environmental actions. Chomsky and others point out that nuclear war and climate change are the biggest threats to all life on our planet.
The good news is that a strong environmental movement has been growing and should get much bigger and stronger during this next four years.


Not much of a thinker is he, to campaign to become President over a year and know nothing. Or he is just another chronic lying sociopath?


We hope that the roulette wheel of his mind (?) lands on the one in 38 spots - the one shot - that will give us a small modicum of hope.


So right. The horrors of global warming aka climate change cannot be overstated. The effects of this man-made phenomenon include, for instance, its causal link to the Syrian war. Some island nations will go underwater, and much much coastal displacement. Extinction of species will occur at an increasing RATE, throwing into chaos ecological systems and agriculture.

Sadly, the problem seems as much on the farther Left as on the Right: Only when the more selfish, anthropocentric view is espoused: the environment in its function to serve humankind - do some people finally listen. Even then, the effects of climate change on farming in South Africa, for instance, appear relegated to unimportance as opposed to some comparatively minor social issues at home.

During the pre-election times, I hardly saw any Left comments about the nastiness of climate change, even though Hawking and apparently Chomsky and others foresee it as a danger equal to nuclear war. In fact, I'd seen more that dismissed its importance and which even railed against the "New Left" as being concerned mainly with such ridiculous things as the environment.

To leave it on this note: I believe the real problem is just that of self-centeredness inherent in all animals, including Homo sapiens. Charity begins at home and kinda stays there. Things lack importance or increase in importance to the degree they are further or "closer to home." Scientific Studies support this. Sadly, what is lost is the understanding that the Environment IS "Home." Until the farther Left more fully embraces that idea, I think it shares the fault with the Right.


Trump has an open mind about climate change? It would be laughable if it was not so unfortunately... sad.

Here it comes folks: after 01/20/17 the Orwellian nightmare begins!

An open mind is a closed mind; war is peace; telling the truth, is a lie; ad nauseam.

If Trump has anything, of course he has a closed mind when it comes to climate devastation of our planet calling climate change a "HOAX".

Like someone said: the mind is like a parachute; it only works when it is open. Looks to me like Trump's closed mind, on climate devastation, could crash and burn this whole planet before he leaves office!


""Talk is cheap, and no one should believe Donald Trump means this until he acts upon it. We're waiting for action, and Trump is kidding nobody on climate as he simultaneously stacks his transition team and cabinet with climate science deniers and the dirtiest hacks the fossil fuel industry can offer. Prove it, President-elect. The world is watching.""

I don't like double standards by any one and I especially don't like them from those who are on the same side as I am.

But somehow I don't recall hearing this during the Obama administration's early days:
""Talk is cheap, and no one should believe Obama means this until he acts upon it. We're waiting for action, and Obama is kidding nobody on ending wars as he simultaneously stacks his transition team and cabinet with neocons warmongers and the dirtiest hacks the military-industrial industry can offer. Prove it, President-elect. The world is watching."
And possibly because we didn't get this kind of push-back from the get go, we have had the most disastrous policies of the Bush administration continued and expanded over the last 8 years.


I think it's called narcissism. This specie's, having raised narcissism to such a fine art, has devastated the rest of the environment to our present state of nearly certain extinction of perhaps the entire biosphere.