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Trump's Payroll Tax Holiday Would Mostly Benefit the Rich While Sabotaging Medicare and Social Security

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/22/trumps-payroll-tax-holiday-would-mostly-benefit-rich-while-sabotaging-medicare-and

More of the same, still the old trickle-down (Orwellian for suck-it-up) tricks. Sam and Suzy Suburb get theirs, so they don’t see the injustice. Dan and Dawn Downtrodden get robbed, but have no voice. Ain’t that America.

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Neo-feudalism - like the pope selling “indulgences”.
Terminology - as always - more interesting than folks acknowledge:
Breaking “chains” of production
“Lines” of reasoning… linear thinking when reality is not linear

In the mean time mass media configures presentations to trigger ‘knee jerk’ reactions, which facilitates instilling of fear, which is designed to negate the capacity for thought.

Trump in turn must not be simply dismissed as a ‘reality TV’ salesman. His methodology is maximizing of leverage, short term always, to trigger knee jerk reactions which negate all forms of substance. One method of this is by publicly “patterning” these behaviors in speeches but especially in interlocution. He pounds a pattern of zombie drumming: empty loops of rhetoric DESIGNED TO BE EXHAUSTING. When he speaks, he is verbally slapping his intrerlocutor. - be it an individual or a crowd. The peppering of his rhetoric with florid descriptives are timed NOT to describe anything with any accuracy, but to come out of his mouth like hooks on which to hang the strings of incoherent jaw flapping masquerading as assertions and engagement. Seriously, watch him sometime - as nauseating as that is.

His methodology is HIS PRODUCT LINE and the corporate funders are in awe. He is not addressing “his base”, he is swirling the pot for corporate funders for both parties. The Oval office is now the offal office and the “bully pulpit” a bullying plus neo-fascist religion of cherry picked economic terminologies… certainly not a coherent system

Now you know why disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, linguistics and many others where condemned as “soft science”. In turn, ‘hard science’ is not science at all. It is technology traipsing around like science.

Predatory capitalism is DOA it needs the 99% like a vampire needs blood.


Recall Obama feeding the vampire when he instituted a payroll tax reduction for two years after his catfood commission couldn’t push his grand bargain to cut Social Security and Medicare over the finish line ?

Now Obama sends me letters soliciting money to get rid of the Trump that he enabled. Beyond sick.


I get it, too. Sick.

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This of course is also a Trojan horse to sabotage Social Security and Medicare permanently. The economic chaos due to Covid-19 is only a cover.

Help the wealthy and [expletive] the worker.

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When is the Democratic Convention? There are important issues which need to be brought up about the theft of Social Security. Biden is not going to reverse the damage we set ourselves up for by joining the WTO - But whichever ones wins, all they need to do is nothing and this 25 year old treaty will destroy Social Security and Medicare. See the Annex on FS’s text.

I don’t even know where to start its that bad.

Well put.

Cult expert Robert Jay Lifton calls them “Thought Terminating Cliches” .

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