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Trump's "Pharma-Friendly" Drug Plan Denounced as Doing Little or Nothing to Lower Prices


Trump's "Pharma-Friendly" Drug Plan Denounced as Doing Little or Nothing to Lower Prices

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Quietly ditching his campaign promise to challenge the pharmaceutical industry head on and allow Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices—a betrayal that may have something to do with the fact that the White House is currently occupied by former Big Pharma executives in key posts—P


It amazing how much these Buffoons can get away with when they use terms like “Socialized” , “Free Market” , “Innovation” and “Freedom”. They are little more than buzzwords that when broken down mean nothing more than “More wealthy for the wealthy and less for everyone else”.


Let’s see: There’s the US MIC, the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex, the Prison IC, and Wall Street. And then there’s the government by, for, and of the people…o wait…


Indeed. As John Dewey put it nearly a century ago: “As long as politics is the shadow cast on society by big business, the attenuation of the shadow will not change the substance.”


They are called lies my friend. They use them to great effect. They use them so much that after awhile up starts meaning down and in starts meaning out. It’s a fascists favorite and Orwell describes it well in 1984.


In this, Trump is no different the any that came before him. This is a big pharma greed thing, not a Trump thing.


Uh, I was told here at CD in 2016 that Trump was better on healthcare a bunch of times. I’m beginning to think a lot of “progressives” were just suckers for nonsense. After all, if Trump is changing regulations to enhance the ability of pharmaceutical companies to raise prices—and from what I gather, that’s what he’s doing—that seems like something worse than the status quo. Why would we pretend otherwise, except to argue for apathy, which I’m learning is nowadays progressivism?



No prob. When this fizzles, just blame Obama(care).


Your drug prices were higher than in Canada under the Obama Administration as well. You also did not have Universal health Care under Obama and he actively blocked single payer from occurring.

When Obama was in power, the Conservative Stepehen Harper and his party were in power here in Canada. Canada still had lower drug prices and universal health care then and the USA did not.


just another lie to add to the rest of them. trump doesn’t know the truth if it smacks him in the head.


I wish we had the Canadian healthcare system. That doesn’t take away from the fact Trump is actively making our system worse by doing things to raise prices on drugs. I was responding to a typical apathy inducing “progressive” comment suggesting Trump was just status quo, when he isn’t.


Well then. You do understand that Canada did not get its system from the duopoly of Parties (Liberal and Conservative) that had ran Canada since Confederation with one of these two Parties always in power?

They got their system from the New Democratic Party, a new party formed that was based on the Socialist CCF party. It was introduced in Saskatchewan by that party under Tommy Douglas. The LIBERALS at the Federal level recognized that people who had traditionaly supported them were leaving the Party to vote NDP and that this would lead to a vote split which would ensure the Conservatives always won.

In order to ensure that did not happen The Liberals moved DRAMTICALLY to the left and adopted things like the Canada pension Plan , Old Age security enhancments , Universal health Care and a bevy of Social programs they stole from the NDP and introduced as their own.

Had the people continued to vote Liberal and not started to abandon the Liberals for the NDP , we would likely be in the same boat you are in. I am going to suggest that if you really want Universal health care and those lower Drug prices, it not going to happen if you continue to vote Democrat.


Sure, but the US is a very different country, constitutionally speaking and by political tradition. You know the differences so I won’t go into it, but they matter. Ultimately, a single court ruling could wreck any system of national healthcare that a progressive executive and legislature set up in the US. Allowing the judiciary to be filled by people that are opposed to government regulation, which is what happens when Republicans take over, decreases the opportunity for progressive change. Progressives voting against the Democratic party maybe be big enough to throw an election or two, but they only enhance the power of the right. If Democrats all became Greens, the same logic would apply. They’d have to work together anyway to elect a majority leader in the Senate and a Speaker in the House.

Oh, and as you are well aware, the Right is much stronger, both politically and philosophically, in the US.


I just received my last prescription from the Canadian Pharmacy. They tell me that after this refill they cannot ship to a USA address anymore, thanks to Trump. So the price will go up slightly more than double on what is already a very expensive medicine. Add that to the health insurance that has now gone up 300% from the Obama care plan that I used to have and I can only say thanks to all the SOB Republicans, elected and supporters, and their moron leader. Slowly killing people for real, not just a derogatory statement anymore.


My roomate is a US Citizen and she requirres prescription drugs. While I have a plan with my place of work wherein all presciptions are paid for outside a 2 dollar fee, this does not cover her for obvious reasons so I was concerned about the costs.

Three months supply of 3 different prescriptions is costing me 88 dollars. She was looking at the like prices in the USA and it would be more than 4 times higher. Contrary to US Government claims that “This means other Countries get a free ride on US based research” new drug development also comes from Canada, and the EU and drug companies remain among the most profitable sectors in those Countries.

In the USA Drug Companies pay more for ADVERTISING then they do for R and D. The amount spent on advertising per year in the USA is estimated at 60 billion. In other words more advertising to promote more drug use leads to higher prices for those drugs.

Advertising by Drug Companies in Canada is heavily regulated. I suppose to Mr Trump this is a “Those other Countries have lower drug prices because they do not have free speech” issue.


HR 676 creates a 15 member board of directors to be appointed by the President to access healthcare spending. This is an additional presidential power. It is actually one step closer to privatization.