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Trump's Pick for Head of Nation's Economic Policy "A Self-Dealing, Wall Street Tool"


Trump's Pick for Head of Nation's Economic Policy "A Self-Dealing, Wall Street Tool"

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump announced Wednesday that former Goldman Sachs partner Steven Mnuchin—a man described as "the anti-populist from Hell"—is his pick for Treasury secretary.


Trump is a threat to the Establishment!!!!

Wall Street is afraid of Trump, the billionaire (who ran on the largest corporate tax cuts ever)!!!

That one was my personal favorite.

Yes yes yes I know all about Clinton, Trump Neo Leftists.

Corporate governance on steroids with a resurgent White Nationalism and Right Wing Christian Fundamentalism to boot...pun intended

But the Trump will save us from nuclear war goes the refrain.


So what happened. Trump was suppose to be draining the swamp of these Reptilian Lizards.


Could Trump be thinking of having these crooks work for all the people? If all businessmen are crooks like Carlin said, maybe he thinks only better crooks on our side can beat the others.



Yes, as the argument went, that billionaire who wanted the biggest corporate tax cuts ever was a threat to "the Establishment"

Pretty damn pathetic logic it was.


T-dumps' son-in-law, Kushner is jumping for joy with this witless pick. And it just keeps getting darker, more dismal, diabolical, and disastrous with each nomination. Why not just call all the former GS thieves and offer them jobs throughout the administration and then build a shul attached to the White House so they do not have to leave the Hazmat Man's orbit.


The Green Party is a global party, active in dozens of nations, unlike our domestic blue and red corporate parties.

The Green Party holds 10% of Germany's Bundestag seats and the German town of Freiburg where I once lived has had a Green Party Mayor since the turn of the millennium.Guess what nation leads the world in renewable energy ?

Its time to dump the domestic anachronisms disguised as parties and embrace a party that is not railroading us into neofeudalism.


Excellent interview with Abby Martin on Trump , fake news and the US electoral system


You are absolutely correct however there is something in the American psyche that has been led to believe that only two parties can operate. It is unfortunate, but until people feel a lot more pain from their delusions and misdirected efforts, there will not be a movement towards what you are talking about.


The Godfather hires his henchmen, turning this country into a criminal organization, and thumbing his nose at the witless fools who put him in power. Abandon hope, all ye who enter here....


"Democrat" party? Crawl back under your rock troll.


While Drumpf and crew are screwing white working class up the you know what they will be telling them it is the Mexicans, Muslims, and liberals who are doing it to them along with the obvious right wing media and the lapdog main stream media. They will believe it and vote more progressives out of office. We are doomed just like the Mayans, Romans and others who came before us. I wish I knew why once democratic societies slowly decay.


Trump gets high marks for sheer audacity. After playing the populist savior in the election, he turns around and appoints a home mortgage foreclosure Satan to Treasury. One has to wonder what Bannon, the patron saint of the populist strategy, thinks about all this. How soon does he blow his lid?


This outrage would be more credible were the same amount raised when Barack Obama appointed Timothy Geithner as Treasury Secretary.

One Wall Street tool looks very much like another whether appointed by a Republican or a Democrat.


A streak that Lou Gehrig would be envious of. Maybe there's someone in Congress who'd like to make a sarcastic point by submitting a bill to rename the country the United States of Goldman Sachs.


Says the Trump voter.


One other group that will get blamed when the shit hits the fan will be Democrats, especially Barack Obama and the Clintons. The next financial collapse will be placed squarely on their heads. You can count on it.


Now you just made yourself look stupid again but I guess that your choice. You tend to do that a lot.


Yet another example (among many more to come) of the real Trump, the vapid, ill-educated, carny showman, revealing for all with eyes his lies/deceptions used to gain support from the ignorant, racists, and uninformed, and those who had had a bellyful of the Clinton/Obama/Hillary wing lies, arrogance and betrayals of the middle class, workers, the poor and minorities, and environment - the blame for Trump's "perfect-storm" win (or HRC's defeat) rests solely on a Dem Party apparatus and 'leadership" - corrupt to the core, arrogant in their power and lack of vision/wisdom, ignoring and taking for-granted traditional Dem supporters and issues, sabotaging Bernie Sanders, a probable winner, to give the nomination to HRC, despised, hated and loathed for her ambition, arrogance and service to the 1% over her entire career................leaving America and the world with a sociopath and his entourage for at least 2/4 years and possibly longer - given the stupidity and collusion of the Democratic Party "leadership" hacks.......