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Trump's Pick for Top Healthcare Post Makes It Clear: Safety Net No Longer Safe


Trump's Pick for Top Healthcare Post Makes It Clear: Safety Net No Longer Safe

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As tens of millions of Americans face losing their health insurance under a Republican-led Congress, President-elect Donald Trump's nominee to head the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Tom Price, refused to clearly tell a Senate committee how critical healthcare safety net programs would fare under his leadership.


During the campaign, Trump said that he would protect Medicare and Medicaid.

Yeah, I didn't believe him, either.


Eight years of having Obama's picks for ANY position sabotaged, nit-picked , declined or refused a vote by the Republicans, now we have Trump's embarrassingly unqualified picks making fools of themselves before Congress. Still I'll bet MOST of them will be confirmed.


Sessions and Price
Sittin in a tree,
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(While Pissin')
On you 'n' me!


An inveterate, practiced liar whose has the intellect of a spore....


Yet another contemptible trump lying pig eager to have a go at the trough!


Horrible as this is, it's been a long time coming. The U. S. Safety Net has been in danger for more than a decade.


What a dickhead that guy is! Geez!


Anytime he brings up something assume the opposite.


The only thing suitable for this troll(er) is a gill-net laced with razor-sharp barbs and mega-weights to keep him under and then he can be used as shark bait. He will no longer have to be concerned about his or anyone else's health....


Seriously? 20-some years after the Democrats wiped out the safety net for the very poor, and took the first steps to similarly "reform" Social Security, targeting the disabled, and the liberal bourgeoisie are starting to suspect that the safety net might "no longer be safe?" By 2000, the disabled became the fast group of homeless people, but you didn't start connecting the dots? Congress -- Dems included -- kicked off 2015 with voting to virtually end food stamps to the elderly poor and the disabled (cut from $115 per month, down to $10), and you didn't start to see a pattern in the broader agenda?


The first cut-backs were in the 1980s. Actual welfare aid was ended in the 1990s, and cuts/program eliminations have quietly continued.


I don't think a straight answer came out of any of Trump's cabinet picks so far, but what do you expect from a bunch of swamp creatures.


Yep. All Democrats fault. The ACA didn't do anything good, all just terrible. That's why writers like this, a person with a disability, is so excited about the wonderful things to come:

Eh, he just doesn't know that Democrats dismantled the system already. Lucky he's got you to tell him.


It is like DT is wandering about turnin over rocks and his nominees come crawling out. each as deplorable as the last.


He isn't draining the swamp he is depopulating it and stuffing his cabinet with the creatures he finds.


That's propaganda. Stop making statements that have no truth value.


Apologies to spores.


No truth? Pay more attention, do more research.


Since Bill Clinton was president