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Trump's Pick of 'War Criminal' John Bolton Just Super-Charged Threat of Attack on Iran


Trump's Pick of 'War Criminal' John Bolton Just Super-Charged Threat of Attack on Iran

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"You ran against Iran. And if you want to hire me, that's what I'm going to produce for you."


Monsters, all.


First off the NYT should just shut its trap. It doesn’t remember how it bleated for the Iraq invasion in 2003??? And it still employs the two most at the forefront of that immoral embrace, Judith Miller and David Brooks.
As for J. Bolton there are no words in my vocabulary that would pass muster on this site or any other.


DEATH to the monsters!!!


The nightmare that is the USA keeps getting darker day by day. The Third Reich has morphed into the Fourth Reich, like some horror movie where the alien predator jumps from one body into another as it destroys everything in its way. And everything is in its way. Way to go USA for allowing these predator fascist monsters to take over like this. I hang my head in shame for the country of my birth.


I assume George Carlin’s seven words would be in there…and MANY MORE!


Trump has been ginning for a war ever since he was elected. Our collective failure to remove him from office will result in a war whether Bolton is there or not. Bolton’s presence does however probably hasten it’s arrival date. We must come together and remove this man from office or face the consequences of our inaction.


Bolton sez: " — Demand payment with a set deadline on outstanding U.S. Federal-court judgements against Iran for terrorism, including 9/11."

Remember when he said 9/11 was an Iraqi operation? Good times.


I wonder whether Bolton is able to feel pain. Emotional or physical pain. I think not because if you can you are adverse to it. He insists on inflicting pain verbally and wants to physically as well. I can imagine conversations of Bolton and Miller, gawd what a vision.


An often overlooked fact in this political ping pong between the West and Iran are the oil-and gas-rich fields of the Caspian Sea. Western oil producing corporations have for years heavily invested in that region and want their returns. Russia and Iran both border the Caspian Sea. Follow the money…


Will someone “please” take a flamethrower to this warmongering prick.


Psychopaths have no ability to feel emotions. That is what makes them so dangerous. The White House is filled with them now.


More like this warmongering prick is going to put a flamethrower to the world my friend.


It is always about the money. Always.


When I said the same thing many years ago, many laughed at me; but many are not laughing now!


The Nut House used to a nice place, not a palace but a comfy seat for those serving. Now it’s just another building in D.C. filled with nuts. Unsalted.


Please ignore the crowing, people. Always remember that Americans are not allowed to vote on foreign policy. Not now, not ever. The @%$ will keep hitting the fan with the duopoly’s blessing, no matter what. Brave sacrifice is always being served, 24/7. Honor the dead and care for the starving and the wounded - past, present and future.


The way I would put it: if America was a true democracy Bolton, Bush, Cheney, Rice, Powell, Kissinger, Obama, Hillary,Trump and too many other war criminals to list here would be on trial for their war crimes.


This has to stop! This must stop! I’m having de ja vu. The Bush administration is being revived and put on steroids!


The human suffering these people have created is unfathomable. They have also made the world a much more dangerous place for americans. So who, really, is the greatest threat to the US people - internal forces like these or outside forces. I say these men are more of a threat to the US than anything outside.