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Trump's Pick of 'War Criminal' John Bolton Just Super-Charged Threat of Attack on Iran

If our leaders had only promoted peace, human rights and economic development for all we might be living in a peaceful, sane world today. Instead we have had war mongers only looking for financial gains for themselves and their corporate benefactors. People as a whole have been factored out - just cannon fodder or as they say - collateral damage. They hide the truth with terms like “collateral damage” or refusing to show the caskets of American troops or victims of American war in the newspapers. These hogs have forced their way to the top with the collusion of high financial interests and the numbness of the American people’s intellect and consciousness. We are in deep, deep trouble.


Yeah i really like to see his shitty looking mustache in flames.

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Climate change is weakening Iran. Just like it did Syria. Wait for some more 129-degree days and put Johnny down there with an 90-pound pack. At least the moustache reflects sunlight back into space…

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Unfortunately there are tens of millions of Americans who do not question in the slightest what is broadcast to them on fox, CNN, MSN or any of the many corporate owned propaganda outlets.


Our own government, indeed the seat of Satan himself.


It occurs to me that it was a very bad year to join the US army in the year 2000. Those folks haven’t had a year off since. By joining just then, they more or less said goodbye to their 20’s and 30’s, that time when most folks settle down, get married, have kids, and raise a family. Instead, they went on tour one, then tour two, then tour three, and so on, if they were fortunate enough to not be injured or killed. No wonder all those who don’t join are expected to say “thank you for your service.” What they should say, at some point, is “you should take a break, it’s our turn now”.

And now all I can see is a pipe and a dream.

You have put your finger on the real issue being Israel. I still clearly remember Natanyahu’s first grader illustration of a time bomb. That asshole is a danger to American lives as have been other Israeli leaders.


Yes exactly, we could have tackled the unchecked human population growth by providing better economic opportunities for the poor with great education.

and the sub-text to that “win” is: who exactly is “we”, kemosabe?

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The most incredible thing is that an imbecile and failed politician like Bolton can be resurrected to begin another illegal war. Even if Bolton is never charged with war crimes, you would think that the media and the public would have ignored him for the rest of his natural life. Instead we have an immoral, anti-American, pro-corporate racist in charge of foreign policy. I hope at this point, every single American will start to realize what happens when we surrender our government to the Right.

That’s not a mustache. That’s a rat that’s taken up residence on his upper lip.

The rat eats the crap that spews out of the orifice right below it.

Notice how fat the rat is.


Well I suppose to those that want to see the End of the Trump Administration as soon as possible, this one way of seeing it done. The problem is there will be no one left to cheer.

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Bringing an end to the madness of the past year is only one of the problems that face us.

Filling that void with responsible people will possibly be a greater task.

BOLTON !!???
Bolton !!!
Reasonable? Not a bit.
Understanding? Only about power, weapons, and death.
Above it all: A life full of crimes … with NO punishment.
HE is one who challenges the definition of “human being”!

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An exclusive cadre of oligarchs sequestered in luxurious underground bunkers.


Near-total LACK OF KNOWLEDGE of the structure of our society and of people-centered Values, of the true makeup of “our” government and of what goes on daily and long-term in the nation, leaves America incapable of Defining, much less Defending, itself.

So many forces: the Oligarchy itself, high-pressure, high-priced, full-time mind-twisting Distractions like Major Sports events, plus Mainstream Media with its totally off-target, designed “news”, god-like pundits, reality TV, in addition to mainstream films, AND … in the political sphere, the so-called “Parties” of the Duopoly with their cover-ups, lies, and deals …

ALL of this leaves us unprepared to KNOW what we can possibly DO to recover even shades of democracy and participation … and to respect the Constitution.

America is NOT what America SAYS it is … not what it KILLS others to “prove” it is. It is all BRANDING — artificial imagery reinforced under the gun — against EXTERNAL “enemies”, and now even more than ever, against INTERNAL forces … that is, everyday working People themselves, who still want a functional democratic system of governance here.

Our biggest enemies … are HOMEGROWN. But WHO will say that?
Now we want to fill all our Official Positions with them. If he could, Bolton would likely lock up (or worse) anyone who thinks or acts differently from his deranged dictates.


Additionally, you would not wish it on another.

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More than likely. I have wondered as to China being able to buy what it wants and needs and the US simply seizing what it wants. Then I consider the US vs China’s history and have to conclude that the original theft of the Indigenous land and lives and the millions more lives the US stole from Africa created a particular mindset that will destroy the nation.

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After the lies regarding Iraq (and to some extent Afghanistan) were exposed, my contention that anyone who continued to serve in the US military or joined after that point were as guilty of war crimes as those in the political positions who ordered them. That is still my contention given the very real possibility that Trump, Bolton, et al are going to continue our atrocities (Syria) and engage in new ones (Iran and N Korea).

And to hell with Obama for NOT prosecuting Bush, Bolton and all of the other war criminals.


Evil deranged rump just keeps getting more destructive, every day! The mass murderer, bolton, is as bad as it gets; for now, the orange fraud will be go lower still…he must be removed from the throne!