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Trump's Pick of Wealthy Climate Denier for UN Ambassador Decried as 'Slap in the Face' of Planet and Humanity

Trump's Pick of Wealthy Climate Denier for UN Ambassador Decried as 'Slap in the Face' of Planet and Humanity

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Environmentalists on Wednesday said they are appalled by President Donald Trump's decision to promote yet another "anti-science, anti-climate, pro-pollution" figure to a key diplomatic role during such a perilous moment for the planet.

Trump nominated GOP mega-donor and climate denier Kelly Knight Craft as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations last week.

I dunno, I’m finding being slapped in the face somewhat refreshing after all the years of being stabbed in the back.


I love the way she respects “both sides” of the climate argument as if there are a group of scientists that are providing evidence that global warming is a hoax. While she is an enemy of the 99%, she is having a great time being ‘branded’ as a corporate sycophant and feted around the globe in her mission to show the world which side of the fence she is on.
In some ways I find it refreshing that Trump doesn’t try to hide his disdain for the 99%. When the U.S. implodes, as it surely will, people like Kelly Craft and Trump will be the poster girls and boys of everything that is wrong with the U.S. today. In some ways, the appointment of people like Mrs. Craft will only serve to accelerate the revolution to establish a democracy here at home.
Thank you Mrs. Craft for showing us once again just how much contempt your kind has for the decent people around the world.


The darkness is there so we can light it up…therefore bless the dark side and curse it not.


Both worldwide and in the U.S., too many millennials are going to starve to death with their children rather than die of old age.

If you’re a boomer, you’re probably horrified. The obvious move is to get this movement rolling full speed because with climate change building on itself, we’re spending future lives today, and it might be your family.

The exception is the 0.01% strategy of collecting enough money that you and your heirs can afford food no matter how pricey it gets. But, to implement that strategy you need to be psychopathic. But if you’re crazy you don’t care about your kids in any case, except it looks good if you act like you care.


I don’t think she respects it as much as she realizes her wealth depends on her capacity to externalize costs off onto others, society at large, future generations and the environment. Capitalism creates a context where anti-social and destructive behavior is rewarded, and institutions that do a good job of externalizing their costs will economically benefit. In that context, sociopaths and people with no social consciousness are bound to be more well off than people with morals and a strong social consciousness.


‘“I believe there are scientists on both sides that are accurate,” Craft declared.’

Subtext: “But the side that has gawd and money on it is more accurate…”

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We can rest assured that the Democrats in the Senate will do a lot of posturing in the hearings before she sails through. So we can be at peace knowing that an opportunity for a meaningless show of environmental concern was not squandered. Hello America, does anyone notice a pattern here?


The optics here are interesting. Just as with Betty Devos a woman is appointed to a position of power. There a wing in the Democratic party that advance the notion that a just being a woman is reason enough to select a Hilary Clinton type over a Bernie Sanders type wherein policy differences should take a backseat to getting women into positions of power.

This helps to illustrate that all that should matter ARE those Policy differences and what the person in question promotes as policy.


Indeed. The insipid prop of faux-academic ploy peeping over black rim glasses are the frontal equivalent of dropping drawer and mooning the peoples whose lives are being decimated by corporate “externalization” of ecological concerns impacting all forms of life, for their power and lucre. The system is broken and they know it. Just as the proverbial indigenous observation notes: white man speaks with forked tongue. pit of vipers

The scientists on one side have an agenda ,the other side seek the truth .

Truth is the most important element we have.

WRONG! The Slap in the face will be on Us first. The Planet will be Slapped second. We …need to Slap back… that is … if we have an ounce of courage left.

You do?

Great comment. Most Millenials don’t even think about what their world may look like decades from now. Many have no clue what’s going on in the country or around the world. No interst in Politics either. They are selfish, clueless and dumb. They serve no purpose unless you need a video game partner. Most of their parents are no better!

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Yes, because it provides a clear target. Movements against climate disaster, war, and health insurance profiteering floundered under Obama, as if people were confused when he appeared to be on their side. This is why Black Agenda Report referred to Democrats as The More Effective Evil, rather than the Lesser Evil.

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Any Scientist that does not believe in Global Warming is a not a real person of science and is a Hoax.

I see it differently. When it comes to Obama. No, I was not a fan, but his ACA saved my ass and my wifes’ as well for 3 years of affordable healthcare that we purchased through the market place. That… was the only good thing he ever did.

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Nothing new here with Trumps’ pricks… I meant picks. All have been disasters and then Quit!

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In reply to Hemp: Marvelous language!

For all Climate Change deniers, watch the News and look at the massive Flooding in California and in Tennessee, which years ago rarly happened and now are common occurrences. Coincidence… right?