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Trump's Pick to Head DOJ Civil Rights Division Embodies 'Disdain for Civil Rights'


Trump's Pick to Head DOJ Civil Rights Division Embodies 'Disdain for Civil Rights'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Especially considering where this administration is when it comes to minority rights, this nomination does not look good."
—Sen. Mazie Hirono


I just hope enough legislators in congress will know they can’t support Trump’s racism on this issue as there would be an absolutely huge backlash. And not just from non white Americans. I mean iit is 2017 not 1917 or 1817. Why is it too much to ask Trump get up to speed with the nation on this issue. Trump just gave America yet another good reason for his impeachment. If impeachment proves to be impossible, I just don’t see Trump will not get a huge backlash in 2020 when he runs for re election. Mainsdtream Republicans are distancing themselves from Trump increasingly each month with these stupid decisions he is making to purposefully alienate huge numbers of American voters.


If this POS and his corrupt stupidity, racism, ignorance, and police-state unify the 99% against vulture capitalism, banker/wall street usury, environmental disasters/pollution, and for-profit wars, he will have served a purpose - notwithstanding the horrors and slaughter he has and will further inflict on people, our environment, human health, and a sustainable future - sadly it may come too late…


Of course Trump’s choice for head of the DOJ Civil Rights Division is an attorney who defends corporations against discrimination lawsuits. Of course.

TRUMP HAS NOT DONE A FREAKING THING TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT. He is in the process of destroying America. Republicans are fools for just “distancing” themselves from Trump – America calls on them to get rid of Trump, legally or illegally, whatever works.


because trump is pathologic in trump’s thinking and, inevitably, does not have any feelings other than what makes trump feel good and what trump wants. and because trum;'s ‘feeling good’ is shallow and predicted on making people feel not good, trump is not capable of feeling the normal emotions/thinking that guides our feelings of empathy, responsibility, awareness of consequences, all that goes into making living beings something other than an ugly thing (trump). to expect anything other than self-aggrandizing, anti-social bullying means not paying attention. trump cannot, trump doesn’t want to, trump will not.


correct me if i’m wrong…
this doesn’t mean dreiband automatically is confirmed in this position.
doesn’t congress/senate have to approve this?

and if so, isn’t this where they need to step up and show where they stand?


Prescient! Indeed, there may be some misery to come about, hopefully to the 1%'ers, but if not now, when? Earth cries to me every day about the death from the thousand cuts capitalist humans give her and her children. Things have to change now or there’s no tomorrow, for humans anyway. I’ve watched this country regress, overall, for a while now and Trump and co. have ramped up the disdain toward regular working folks, ya know, the ones that actually pay taxes, and it’s time to resist.


He’s instigated the biggest drive to make America even shitier again, in history! The anti-American,(values) fool. Unless you count the 1%er’s, and they might agree with MAGA but no one else except the turnips in the south that fell off the truck that voted for him. Yeah, I’m pissed!!


Trump will add to the creeps numbers, it’s all cut and dried. The worst of all is that slimy little rat fink Sessions.


A lot of turnips fell off trucks and voted for Trump, not just voters in the South. Let’s see if they recognize their error and un-vote him and his Republican legislators soon.


Your words might be my own Olhippy, thank you. Our Mother Earth is crying-out daily for so many crimes against Her and Her creatures, great and small - the natural systems humans are being destroyed, and those in power too oblivious, ignorant and ambition/greed-driven to see. The destroyer parasites not only kill our Mother, but the human billions they use as wage and interest slaves to sustain their lives of ease and obscene luxury under the (vulture) capitalist system - we desperately need more preservers and far fewer takers.

These words/sentiments come to me often and I wonder why so few can dominate so many and destroy so much - “We are the most dangerous species of life on the planet, and every other species, even the earth itself, has cause to fear our power to exterminate. But we are also the only species which, when it chooses to do so, will go to great effort to save what it might destroy.” - Wallace Stegner

We are likely of similar age and I wish you peace.


Unfortunately, Eric Drieband fits right in with Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ stated intention of defending the civil rights of his chosen group of Americans and refusing to defend the rights of all other groups. This Nazi-esque policy is completely unconstitutional. Mr. Drieband would be subjecting himself and the Department of Justice to multiple lawsuits on behalf of Americans who will be shut off from their civil and constitutional rights.