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Trump's "Pioneering" Hurricane News Dump Fails to Prevent Controversy


Trump's "Pioneering" Hurricane News Dump Fails to Prevent Controversy

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As residents of Southern Texas fled the life-threatening category 4 hurricane charging toward the Gulf Coast Friday evening—the strongest to hit the U.S. in over a decade—the Trump administration made three major announcements, in what many have deemed "flagrant" attempts to bury controversial news.


“we don’t even have a head of Homeland Security at this juncture,”
Be patient, why do you think Arpaio got pardoned?


When you are a US president and leading the charge toward white supremacy and fascism it not surprising that the press is going to give your moves coverage even with an event such this hurricane occurring. I don’t think the Germans in 1933 had any historical event to compare to what Hitler was doing. Now in 2017 we have Germany’s experience to see exactly what Trump is doing. Trump is unable to hide his intentions but he remains in the White House because the Republicans control both houses of Congress and depend on many of the same white supremacist voters that voted for Trump. So far most Republicans are failing a moral test. They are still playing the political game even though white supremacy is wrong and most of them probably have expressed that view. The fact the Republicans would support another Hitler is mind-boggling but they are so tied to the white supremacists politically that they can’t seem to reverse course.


Base will love it.



Corbett sez: “In a segment on CNN early Saturday morning, Douglas Brinkley, the network’s pesidential historian …”

Little typo there. I believe the word you were looking for is pestilential.


Both parties are culpable.


The storm headlines will be gone in a week,–
Trumps transgression will be long remembered


Trump has hinted for several days that the former sheriff, Arpaio, would be “just fine,” despite his criminal conviction—but triggered outrage among immigrant rights advocates, legal experts, politicians, journalists, and more.

Does this now mean that America is an anarchist nation, and if I want to shoot government leaders, I don’t need to worry about getting caught or paying for my criminal behavior? That is the direction where Trump is leading us.

Or if I don’t want to be an anarchist and shoot government leaders, isn’t Trump leading others in that direction? I’m sure he is.


Mafia Don first, then his “family.”
I’d like to see Betsy strung up , then Sessions piked.


The whole government needs to be “gutted” starting with the Donald.


The occupant of the oval (offal?) office has been and continues to exercise a virtually pornographic distortion of communications and strategy. His predecessors have taught his ‘advisers’ well. The observation of the weekend dump that is supposed to deflate by Monday is worth pausing and considering deeper history.

It was the UNION MOVEMENT that made the ethics of child and forced labour unacceptable and established the two day weekend.

Why in heavens name have corporate predators been exporting their marginalizations, spun them for all their worth and supported Trump in the destructive pornography of empty promises to those from whom he MUST suck the most? It is the oldest trick turned in the book. How does a pimp render his ‘laborers’ enthusiastic prostitutes for ‘the cause’. Note: few prostitutes engage the trade by choice, and the pimp must practice pornographic degrees of manipulation to the extent that those practices will be used among themselves.

Trump’s task is to increase the proportion of impoverished population regions in order to drop the labour costs of off-shore corporations facing PEOPLE WAKING UP TO BEING ROBBED OF THEIR LIFE WORTH in those countries. The predatory capitalists DO NOT CHANGE - they do only what the system has trained them to do and has been trained to do.



Well, I have to admit, Joe would be the perfect fit, for head of Homeland Security in a Trump administration.


We should keep in mind the last president renewed his fascist homeland security laws late new year’s eve when people weren’t watching.

I am not a republican or a democrat.




Why? are both parties culpable?.. because they did NOT try to think past the conventional… they did not think out side the box… they just wanted to CLING to old power structures… old economic methods… old this and old that… so they can keep living their lives at the top of the “food chain”… Everything that is happening is because we failed to CHANGE decades ago… here we are… begging the universe for another try … Ha!.. There are WAY too many people in the world… WAY too much environmental damage… our ATMOSPHERE IS SHOT… we cannot turn this ship around people… you see, you cannot just assess the environmental damage when you are considering our situation… you MUST assess the SOCIAL CONSEQUENCES… that will be a large part of what brings us down… and once civilization falls… THE NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS WILL FINISH US OFF…


Haven’t heard from you in some time HC, hope all is well. Peace.