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Trump's Plan to Revive the Gallows, Electric Chair, Gas Chamber, and Firing Squad Recalls a Hideous History

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/05/trumps-plan-revive-gallows-electric-chair-gas-chamber-and-firing-squad-recalls


Our government is already a circular firing squad that is shooting our nation’s people and future in the foot, so the oligarchy can steal it.

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Hell, why stop with these methods? Let’s go way back to death by stoning, bury the person up to their neck and throw stones at them until they’re dead, that way everyone in the justice dept. gets in on the fun. That’s what this is right? Fun for those who want to play executioner. And fun for criminal Trump to try to prove he’s “tough on crime” for the 2024 election to his psychotic base.


This is “Frickin-Awesome”

It’ll give me something engaging to watch while I wait in the breadline.

“That history stands as a reminder of America’s failed quest to find a method of execution that is safe, reliable and humane.”

Such as life without parole.

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With a legal system based on vengeance, not justice, does it matter how the state decides to punish? Especially when that punishment is kept “out of sight, out of mind” from the public. If deterrence is the state’s reasoning, shouldn’t it be very public displays, including televised executions, to send the message? As capitalists, let’s tie people between two monster trunks and put it on pay-per-view.

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Have you ever read Foucault’s work on punishment, “Discipline and Punish” its about the history of punishment, executions and prisons down through the ages, particularly in the European context.

And don’t forget the witch hunts and burning. Make america great again.

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We are all in this together. Killing is evil.

lets not enable these fascists.

Americans inherent sense of fairness and our humanity terrify narcissists.
Trump is sensing that America’s attention span has shifted and he’s addicted to narcissistic supply, so he’s trying to stir up shit. O dawthe soptlight back to himself for just a little bit longer. The Dems are stoo because they sense that people aren’t going to let them play this trump blaming thing any longer. There wont be any honeymoon for Biden.

Trump’s rantings are interesting because part of what he doing is protesting the deal, whatever it is that he works under for his handlers. Because he is not the boss, somebody else is.

That may be a bit extreme, not that Tweetle-Dumb, McConnell, Giuli-Loony and Barr-Barr don’t deserve it.  How about reviving the Guillotine instead?  Of course some testing will be needed, so try them out on the War Criminals left over from the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan and those who let them off Scot free — O’Bummer and P’Loser.

Ah-yup.  The definition of Treason should be expanded to include not just aiding and abetting a declared enemy during a state of war, but ANY serious violation of the Oath of Office to "Defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, Foreign AND DOMESTIC, and traitors should be sentenced to die by being hanged in public or by the Guillotine — their choice.

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Sounds like a great plan to me.

First, let’s give all 535 members of Congress the choice, “Gallows, Electric Chair, Gas Chamber, Firing Squad,” or,

“Work every day for the 330 million Americans you swore to represent.”

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No I haven’t, but for the record, I am against the death penalty.

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Do you mean traitors like BLM, AIM, LULAC, Code Pink, ALF, etc. that would be placed on the top of the chopping block? Ironically, the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty would probably be the first target of new “security” death penalty laws.

There is already too much death, we should choose life.

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Well this is for good reasons… we will be having truest and evilist of true criminals tried and executed for treason soon …
We cannot and will not consent to communist takeover … milirary tribunals coming for the treasonous criminals who have harmed children in horrific ways…
Get ready for the earth to shake…

Both Democrats and Republicans support our drone bombing of mostly civilians. Both parties support our selling weapons to both sides of most conflicts. We invade without approval from our congress (allegedly a check point of balance in our illusory democracy) any country that dares to defy our rape of its’ resources and citizens, killing people in order to save them. Our depleted uranium ammunition that we leave behind for 100,000 years kills mostly women and children. Our cluster bombs maim and kill mostly women and children. Our “health care” system fails to provide simple life saving medicines to people who are not fortunate enough to be wealthy. Why is bringing back our previous murder techniques a surprise to anyone!? Murderers deserve it you say? You say those folks deserve it? I’d prefer to see people who are truly guilty suffer much longer, and it’s actually cheaper to imprison them for life than kill them anyway. Why oppose the death penalty? What about those who kill hundreds or thousands with corporate pollution? Why do they get away with murder, and are in fact rewarded? Because our legal system can easily set any of us up for false convictions, as well. TDump is simply another of these amoral monsters who are running our country, and much of our world. This is precisely why our world is being destroyed. We have allowed the destroyers of worlds to rule us.

In another post I stated something very similar. Murder is unacceptable, its even more abhorrent when it is sanctioned by the State. In the end, murder is murder, and the only reason for instituting the current method of intravenous poison, is to give it an antiseptic “professional” veneer for public relations purposes. But I don’t even think that is necessary anymore. An odd phenomena is occurring. I don’t know if its related to the inundation of images and information or something else. But, the rate at which people become inured to horrific acts of inhumanity has gotten to the point that, almost as soon as a new horror is revealed, people accept it. I noticed it with the collateral murder video, the images of psy-ops and drone killing of innocent civilians, videos of shooting of unarmed Black people, and the images little children being taken from their immigrant parents. At this point, even if executions were publicly in football stadiums, by randomly selecting elementary school kids to cut off peoples heads with butter knives , after a short lived outrage, many people would just shrug it off.

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Our “fairness” and “humanity”, as measured by our treatment of our own citizens, and how many people our weapons are responsible for killing, do not measure up to being anything close to fair or humane. Ok let’s take our troops, if you think supporting our wars is smart. We can’t even treat the well meaning folks who do the dirty work good. Systemically, we show neither ethics nor morals as defined by any world religion, most of which are against such wanton murder and death. We are utterly failing in both “fairness” and “humanity” in our own country, and around the world.

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I agree, and its time that we stop it. I’m really sick of the US acting like we get a free pass to be evil to other countries and especially our own people.

I would rather be a poorer but fair and just country, than a wealthy evil country.

The country is literally being stolen from all of us, and we’re also leading a push to steal the whole world from its people, for example, giving all the remaining even marginally good jobs to the rich, its an organized scheme to turn “personhood” in society, as instantiated by advanced education, giving people quotability in the media, basically they are creating a global society that excludes the rapidly growing ranks of the poor and destitute.

Huge economic changes are occurring that will result in unemployment being the permanent default for very large numbers of people. It seems as if they have decided to make that situation their excuse to grab power.

This clearly is not going to change with the new Administration, in fact I have a strong feeling that that (theft) was the top priority of the last few administrations plus the current and incoming one.

We don’t seem to even figure on their priority list. We’re destined to most or all become throwaway people in their plans.

They are also colluding with other similar out of control other similar neoliberal cult like governments in other countries who are simultaneously stealing democracy and all that isnt nailed down and much that is from THEIR people.

They and this theft scheme, are all well coordinated. We’re totally falling for it.

So, we didn’t win, we lost.

There are so many who call themselves “christian”.
Going to “church” doesn’t make one a christian. Christian is not what happens after you die - it’s how you live your life.
Religion is the way you live your life - just my own take.