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Trump's Plan to Unveil Next Round of 'Tax Scam' Just Before 2020 Election Slammed as 'Another Political Ploy'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/14/trumps-plan-unveil-next-round-tax-scam-just-2020-election-slammed-another-political


All I ask is just one shot at Kudlow’s FAKE TEETH!
Smirking fucks all!!!


I have a crow-bar and my old Louisville Slugger. Take your pick. I recommend the slugger, - solid ash, doesn’t make that “dink” sound.


I am cracking up. Lol. Thanks.

That The Orange Menace would use our own tax dollars to bribe us to vote for him is an atrocity. Talk about a quid pro quo, this is a con man’s wet dream. He offers us tax cuts that will evaporate in a rainstorm by releasing money already collected from us for other purposes. He then showers his patrons with even greater wealth using the same money that was slated to tend to the needs of the helpless, afflicted and at a loss for what to do to fix their lives. I thought that I had seen it all but this wast of human protoplasm has me trumped.


Everything this trumpfuck does is a ploy, a con, a scam, they take us, citizens, as rubes, or suckers. His/it’s supporters/voters are no better, hell, they helped put him there! Bill Maher on his show has said, repeatedly " you can’t hate the trump supporters/voters just trump". Bullshit!! They are ALL part of the responsibility of this nightmare circus.

Can I have the second shot? Either that or the first at the Orange zit? I’ll use whichever implement of destruction you choose not to (see comment #2).

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I got nauseous right off seeing that photo.
Tiny Tim Cratchit won’t be well at this rate.

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As his age no longer guarantees a long life , surely it must cross Mr. Trump’s mind from time to time where he might be going from here when he dies. As a rich man It ain’t wise to make life harder for God’s poorer people.