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Trump's "Poisonous" Rhetoric Made World "Darker, Unstable": Amnesty


Trump's "Poisonous" Rhetoric Made World "Darker, Unstable": Amnesty

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Donald Trump has made the world a "darker...unstable place" with his campaign rhetoric, Amnesty International said Wednesday, calling his xenophobic language "divisive and poisonous."

In its annual report on the state of the world, the international human rights watchdog said Trump led the way among a growing group of nationalist politicians in attacking the principles of equality and dignity.


Let's see: for all this talk about compassion , I see nothing about all the threats ( and damage of graveyards) made against Jewish people. Last night the news carried about five to ten minutes worth of reporting about this. A person who was pleading for illegal immigrants said that churches and mosgues should get involved and made no comments about Jews as if they did not exist. Jews have a tradition for caring about others all over the world.


The compassion of tikkun olam is about eithics.


Not much interested in what Amnesty International thinks after hearing their latest report about Assad and Syria. It's bad enough that our corporate MSM takes order from the CIA and the neo cons without hearing the same from the NGOs of the world.