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Trump's Political Staff Vetting EPA's Science Before Release

Trump's Political Staff Vetting EPA's Science Before Release

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Trump administration is vetting the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) pending work before allowing it to be published, in the president's latest crackdown on federal bureaus and science in general.

Yet another tenet of Hitler’s Nazi reign of horror: censorship. The Wicked Wizard of Odd is effing arrogant, clueless, and overcome with his newfound power (while being easily manipulated by the sycophantic thugs with whom he has chosen to surround himself). Bannon and Cohn are ROTFL behind the gold curtains with each stroke of the executioner’s pen signing execution orders one after the other (and Putin is giddy with delight while quaffing Cristal at his sprawling manse in Sochi).

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Clearly the elites made up this whole climate change stuff to create a one world government. Trump is staunchly defending The People (i.e., his supporters) from this trick by the elites to gain still more power over The People. I guess that is what it looks like from the other side (dark side?). Only Trump can save them, as those wicked elites are at it again. How mixed up can you be? The crazy topsy turvy world of the Trump supporters is spinning us toward disaster. Is there some real difference between the views being put out by Trump and madness? For me it is hard to make a distinction.


This is what authoritarian, antidemocratic people do.
Some would call this corporate fascism in full view.

His people aren’t intelligent enough to evaluate any scientific material. They don’t believe in it!

It appears that a dictatorial regime has been in the process of taking over. Either Congress and the courts intervene, or mobs will. There is growing rage and outrage on both sides the political divide as this rather bizarre character sits in the Oval Office and appears to be assuming the powers of a dictator, blithely disregarding the democratic process entirely.

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It is standard fascism. By definition. Because the word was so misused for years, people tend to have a knee-jerk reaction against it. But this is what we’re watching – the implementation of fascism.

Other than Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown giving their support to (hard right winger) Ben Carson, Democrats in Congress have been weirdly silent.

There is one thing, which clearly distinguishes Trump from Hitler, Mussolini, Franco and Stalin:
They all had brains and were all smart enough to commit their atrocities out of public sight.
This idiot prances his support for torture around for all to see.
Hitler at least kept the social services (universal health care among others which we do not have yet more than 8 decades later) going and improving.
This clown cuts off any base support, he still might have with some dumb red necks, by kicking them where it hurts.
He cannot get even the most basic rules for domineering a population right.

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Nothing unusual there
That’s how we arrived at this juncture.

What do we know about arrogance? That it is the greatest barrier to learning, and once it metastasizes in a country it dooms that country to oblivion. Egypt, Rome, Greece, Germany,The British Empire,… and the United States?

And is apparently going to impose a 20% tax on my Wall Mart purchases to build his stupid wall. Why doesn’t he just buy a bunch of cheap lasers like we have on the Canadian boarder. I live in Caribou Maine and they seem to work very well. We no longer have Canadians shopping here anyway since 9/11. We seem to have turned them into potential terrorist. Way to go feds.

You can replace the ‘?’ after the United States with a ‘!’, because this oblivion WILL happen.
I am beginning to feel more and more, that it may be a blessing in disguise, that Trump won and not Bernie, so that the collapse will not happen during a progressive presidency.

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Naah, the Waltons are much too powerful. They can grab that piece of ‘it’, chew him up and spit him out. Not, that they are any better than Trump, just smarter and muuuch more wealthy.

What the hell are a bunch of business people going to do with scientific info? I guess Mini-truth is in effect.

“Trump has said he believes climate change is a hoax made up by the Chinese.” What a wierd thing to say in general. If China made it up, why haven’t they done anything about it in their own country? And how could China dupe so many scientists, and for so many years. It was the 70’s when climate issues were stated. So for decades scientists have been duped according to Forest Trump’s hypothesis. Hi, my name is Forest…Forest Trump.

Trumps political retards grading the work of scientists before anything is released to the public…Mind boggling…Is this really America now…Retards and morons running the show…someone let the inmates out and now they think they are in charge.

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