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Trump's POS Labor Secretary, Acosta Out. POS Number 2, Linked to Abramoff, to Fill Role

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/12/trumps-pos-labor-secretary-acosta-out-pos-number-2-linked-abramoff-fill-role

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Did anybody seriously believe Twump was going to nominate Iron 'Stache Bryce?

Meet the new POS. Same as the old POS…


This is what I fear. I fear that with Acosta resigning the Epstein sex scandal and those involved with the rape of children will go away. It was EPSTEIN that committed these crimes and that should not be forgotten and the names of those who frequented his Island retreat have to be reported on and those people investigated.


Getting a job in the current administration must require being a career scumbag? Oops, answered it myself. Yes. And. as an “acting” Cabinet member, no Congressional hearings needed. How conveee-nient.


Few can believe that suffering, especially by others, is in vain. Anything that is disagreeable must surely have beneficial economic effects.

John Kenneth Galbraith


Ob-la-di ob-la-da life goes on bra
La-la how their life goes on…


The same uproar must now be for these abused workers and the ouster of this new cretin from the WH swamp.

“[U]nchecked slave labor to be performed with the imprimatur of the ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ label on goods and clothing.”–and of course the US America knows a lot about slavery and how profitable it can be.


It would be extremely fitting if all history books about the current administration used another abbreviated letter designation for President Of The United States, instead of using POTUS, they shortened it up to read: "POS."


Yuppers, predatory capitalism is bare ass neked and flapping in the breeze. Big Daddy’s ponzi scheme is coming home to roost. Unfortunately I’m not talking about consequences…yet.


Alex Acosta was actually protecting American worker’s by refusing to gut labor protections at the request of Mick Mulvaney. Now we have an even worse Piece of Shit in place who will do Mick Mulvaney’s bidding. These people are evil and un-American.


Many nations know how profitable slavery can be: Asian sweatshops are making some Asians very rich as Mexican sweatshops are too, and soon Vietnamese sweatshops, and Bangladeshi etc. etc. etc. All the while their workers suffer horrors unspeakable. The U.S. is a neophyte when it comes to generational slavery and worker exploitation compared to some other places.
The question is will Mick Mulvaney be successful in getting this new POS to gut American labor protections? I wonder if all the corporate mainstream media coverage of this sex trafficking scandal was not actually happening to force Acosta out for the sole purpose of making the corporations even richer, but eviscerating U.S. labor law.

On a related not:
From Wikipedia about Jack Abramoff: “Abramoff has been married to Pamela Clarke Abramoff (née Alexander), a co-manager and executive assistant at Capital Athletic Foundation, since July 1986.[118] The couple has five children.[118] Pamela is a convert to Orthodox Judaism.”

This reminds me of Shalom Rubashkin, whose sentence Trump commuted (the first such act of clemency from Trump). Back when Abramoff was going down, he was described in the press back then as “Orthodox”. How can anyone as corrupt as Jack Abramoff be an Orthodox Jew? What kind of religion is Judaism that you can be an orthodox member of that religion and be as corrupt as he was/is? Does this religion teach that it is OK to lie cheat and steal as long as you do it to people other than those of your “tribe”?
Rubashkin, a master of bank fraud, was sentenced to 27 years for running a horror house of sweatshops at his kosher meat packing plant in Postville Iowa, where underage undocumented Hispanic workers were occasionally beaten with meat hooks and suffered terrible injuries on the meat processing line, also financially raped of their wages. Trump let him out after 8 years. The prosecutors had originally asked for 100.


I think this entire media circus was intended to pressure Alex Acosta to resign because he was obstructing Mick Mulvaney’s attempts to gut US labor law. This replacement POS will apparently have no problem in turning American workplaces into sweatshops to rival the worst dungeons on earth.
And why has Abramoff gotten out in just 4 years? How the fuck did that happen?


Nah, somebody started this to get at Trump. Apparently he was buddies with Epstein until they fell apart. While some of those people’s buddies might be hurt as well. In chess it’s called a gambit.

Epstein was buddies with Schumer, Clinton, Prince Andrew , Dershowitz and like as not dozens of others of people in power.


You can’t call the Epstein story a circus without disrespecting the work Julie K. Brown of the Miami Herald did in digging it up. She wasn’t even after Epstein, or anyone. Brown was just investigating the role of sex trafficking in the lives of female prisoners she was interviewing, and the name Epstein kept coming up.

This story is extremely real, people – with real girls and women who will probably bear psychic wounds to the grave. And with really prominent targets of blackmail who may be very nervous these days. This mess has only begun to metastasize.


Where do all these horrible creatures come from and why do they keep coming back to do more damage?

And how is it possible to still be considered a human being if they don’t even have enough human consciousness to prevent themselves from actively harming as many other people as possible while they go through their lives? My own feeling is that people like this simply are not humans, but some sort of other life form that just appears as human.

And f**k Trump for bringing them all into his administration and unleashing them on the public once again. I doubt we will recover from the societal and environmental damage being done by this buffoonish imbecile.

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Given that the words, true, temperament, talent and trustworthy all start with ‘T,’ deleting that letter seems simply the rightful choice.

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Seems to me, these are all too human: narcissistic, hubristic, grasping, greedy and without empathy or scruples. Those qualities are not those of any other species but our own. Wanting to call those we dislike, subhuman, is a very dark path, indeed. Better to recognise the fact that these tendencies are deep in our own species and work to overcome them rather than designate and then point fingers at, yet another, other.

Well that would have to be “in a manner of speaking” I’d think. I’ve worked in mental-healthcare (about a dozen incarnations ago), where I encountered actual diagnosed, dangerous sociopaths. One way of putting it would be to say that anyone who has no conscience cannot be called human – but that’s a bit forced, when what’s actually going on is:

  1. The rare appearance (though not so rare on TV, alas) of deranged, probably damaged souls who lack an essential moral limb.
  2. An upside-down system which rewards dominance to the morally challenged.

Only humans are grasping and greedy? You haven’t met my charming little girl, the Terrier-ist.