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Trump's POS Labor Secretary, Acosta Out. POS Number 2, Linked to Abramoff, to Fill Role

Couldn’t Trump find a better, less corrupt, replacement Labor Secretary? No, Republicans of such lofty character are as scare as “hen’s teeth”.


This administration has plenty of Christians who practise the opposite of what Jesus preached about… nothing new about radical religious fundamentalists of many stripes shoving their laws down every one else’s throats, while failing to obey its dictums themselves…
Why not institute a yearly 1% tax on all assets & revenues on all religious bodies to discourage this kind of hypocrisy??

Why bother? They will just find another fucking unmentionable. And then another. And then another…

It is all so hopelessly corrupt. Politics–in the United States, at least–is the problem. Not the answer.

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The history of the crimes by Epstein and his network of serial rapists, child traffickers, and those responsible for the cover-ups is one of some people thinking they are above the law, and being above the law - so-far - with the help of officials charged with the providing the assurance of justice

A “vast criminal network and government cover-up” by people in very high places and very wealthy, evading justice with the active collusion of public officials in high places, that did not work for justice, but instead to deny justice to the victims of Epstein’s and his so-far unidentified rapist, child-trafficker co-conspirators - the people who helped evade justice and covered-up the truth are as guilty as the actual perpetrators, including very directly Acosta, regardless how he attempts to spin the truth standing in front of the flag! .

Acosta was an active co-conspirator to the crimes Epstein pled guilty-to as part of the "sweetheart"deal and cover-up! Acosta and all other unnamed co-conspirators regardless how well-connected or wealthy must be exposed and fully investigated (no BS Kavanaugh “investigation” and whitewash) and the evidence followed wherever it leads - and whoever it leads to!

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Right U R.

Coincidental with Acosta’s resignation –

My NJ newspaper (via the Washington Post) reports in a companion
article that “FEDS say Epstein paid suspected co-conspirators” …

The Federal prosecutors in New York who say they had obtained
financial records showing that in November 2018, just two days after
the Herald reported on a favorable plea arrangement Epstein received,
Epstein wired $100,000 to someone identified as a possible co-conspirator
in the case. Three days after that, he wired $250,000 to another person
identified as a possible co-conspirator, prosecutors wrote.

“Neither of these payments appears to be recurring or repeating during the
approximately five years of bank records presently available to the Government.”
"This course of action, and in particular its timing, suggests the defendant was
attempting to further influence co-conspirators who might provide information
against him in light of the recently re-emerging allegations."

This story only went national because the gatekeepers wanted it to. If someone important to the One Percent does something really bad, they will bury that evildoing in the background noise. If someone stands in their way to make a lot of money, they will unleash every bit of bad news they can find. That’s one reason why Hillary Clinton is not president.

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Certainly others notice that it’s not just Don that makes sure he rambles or poses in front of huge U.S. flags…just like Acosta did while reading his statement, just like Pizzell does in the photo here. So many patriots, so few ethical concerns.

“All life is a blur of Republicans and meat.”

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Acosta’s punishment for having to resign from a US$210,700/year job, like Zinke-Pruitt-McGahn-Kelly and the dozens of others, is a seven figure job at a law firm, think tank, or lobbying firm. Apparently resigning means that Congress will quit all investigation against you no matter how corrupt you were.

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I’d be happy if we could just return to the tax rate on the richest 1 percenters we had under Jimmy Carter, 70%
Tax the religious groups. I’m all for it.