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Trump's Potential War With Iran Is All John Bolton's Doing. But It Might Also Be His Undoing.


Trump's Potential War With Iran Is All John Bolton's Doing. But It Might Also Be His Undoing.

Trita Parsi

National security adviser John Bolton has reportedly requested that administration officials draw up plans to send 120,000 U.S. troops to the Middle East to counter Iran, sending shockwaves through Washington.


Hopefully this analysis from Trita Parsi is correct, but the malignant nature and history of Bolton and the highly malleable, ignorant, and also malignant nature of trump may lead to war… There is also unmentioned Bolton’s record of serving Israeli interests rather than America’s. The choke-hold Israel and AIPAC have on US sycophants of both political parties have on trump and his regime, and Congress is also very relevant in the dynamic toward war and the ability to create false-flag “evidence” against Iran. The US has been attacking Iran in many ways since the 1953 coup installing the hated Shah and his regime; trumps crippling “sanctions” are only the latest in that history…



Probably as we read this, Mossad is working on a false-flag project.


‘The President Who Would Be King’?

A tale was told of a billionaire who would be a TV personality.
A tale is told of a billionaire TV personality who would be President.
A tale has yet to be told of a billionaire President who would be King!

What do you give a man who literally has everything?

You give him the power to go to war on his say so like did the kings of old. They did not have a constitution to hold them in check.

Do we?


The buck stops on the whiners desk!


I think the key question is whether anyone with an inkling of what would happen if war comes has an ear in which to whisper in Killer Clown’s tiny little mind.


i’ve written several time to the WH with the message that he needs to wake up to how Dolton, Pompeass, Dense, and nutenyahoo are manipulating him and making a fool of him. i have no clue what gets digested and sent on to him from a letter like that read by god-knows-whom… but the more that message about how he’s being played for a fool, the better. imho.

wethepeople had better be communicating daily and strongly with our MOCs to let them know we’re opposed to any military action against Iran…and anything else ME you want to object to.

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I hope that the American people don’t fall for this blaming of Iran garbage. That Bolton person seems to think he’s a strong man of the universe .— Ah the hairy man thinks he’s Israel’s Samson? Maybe someone should shave off his stupid mustache and see what happens.
Of course, during a war, strange things happened, i Isuppose that Saudi Arabia and Israel will both get bombed too, probably bombing each other and lying about that to the world and each other.Or maybe, I should just be rude and say, I don’t think you are the Chosen anymore Israel : you know that your moon rocket crashed into the dust—an ashes to ashes and dust to dust comment from on high----where ever that is Once we saw that wonderful and beautiful shot of the Earth surrounded by that velvet backness of space-------the idea of Heaven pretty much got lost—unless the truth is that humans carry their heaven and hell within themselves-----I think that’s the real truth and Rodney King’s long ago question remains unanswered: "Can we all get along? "


The Trump Administration has ordered all non essential personnel in Iraq out of the country. Because OUR interests are in danger. I thought it was the Iraqi’s country. Then I see a sweeping view of a, what looks like a U.S. military base flying the stars and stripes all by itself. I don’t think that is something we here in the U.S would condone, an Iraqi flag, flying in an Iraqi base in say, Boston or Billings.
We are such ghoulish terrorists. We are pathetic.


Even the ones being paid off by the MIC?


Gary, do you mean the congresscreeps who are MIC whores? If that’s what you mean, yeah, write them, too. They don’t care until numbers add up. Several congress offices have told me they do keep tallies, so cynical tho we may be, bombard them anyway.


Yes, referring to congress creeps. But even with letters and calls I haven’t heard of a single republican that has left the fold.


Keep in mind that according to Trump’s former accountant, Trump is actually the poorest man on earth having negative equity of over a billion dollars. perhaps it should adjusted like this…

A tale of a poor man who lived high on the hog would become a TV personality
A tale is told of a penniless man who could become President
A tale has yet to be told where the poorest man in the land would become a King!

What do you give to a man who literally has nothing?

You give him a promise not to imprison him for unpaid taxes if he steps downs and disappears into some nameless trailer park.


I don’t think we do. Millions marched agains the Iraq War to no effect. This ‘trumped up’ war for nothing will not be deterred because of what we, the people want. It is left to two people, one who has more determination than power and one who has more power than determination. Determination never gives up.


Trump has gained the Swamp:https://youtu.be/V4-6eS4TLGY

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Thanks George! The video history of john bolton you linked should be required viewing by all, especially those who may not know it, to show who and what “we” and our elected reps, have allowed under this right-wing trump regime of insanity and contempt for truth, justice, peace, and common decency.

.Bolton’s history is filled with the absolute worst of human thought and actions; so representative of the entire trump regime and its malignant racism, warmongering, vulture capitalist usury and predatory corporatism, as well as the existential threats of environmental catastrophes; a truly evil threat to all life on earth is the odious cretin bolton and the mentally diseased person who brought him into the position to wage more war and misery on so many millions!

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  1. The Iran case hasn’t even been presented to the American public. Trump will fail.
  2. Trump’s distractions are being perceived as what they are - distractions. Trump will fail.
  3. Bolton’s support is too limited, and has only lukewarm support from Trump. Bolton will fail.
  4. Trump is using Bolton’s already-compromised war-making effort for personal-political gain. Trump and Bolton fail.
  5. Trump is a complete ass, idiot, farce, charlatan, coward, and fraud; tRump as such won’t understand the complexity of the situation Bolton presents nor have the balls to follow Bolton’s lead. Because of his stupidity and cowardice, America doesn’t go to war: America wins, but still has to tolerate the worst goddamned president and administration ever (so-called) elected.

Maybe the people are being pulled in advance of a US attack, just like we pulled the inspectors out of Iraq before “shock and awe.”


The war with Iran was on the books long before either Trump or Bolton was in office.
Search for “Gen. Clark 7 countries in 5 years” on youtube for proof of that.
While they are enabling this insanity it is not of their making and it won’t stop if they are removed from office.

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I think comparisons of the demonstration opposing the war with Iraq and those of the many anti-war demonstrations that stopped the Vietnam War are invalid. The context of the Iraq war is in direct relation to 9/11. Many people were initially ambivalent about opposing the Iraq war since it was presented as a defensive measure after we had been attacked on 9/11. That WMDs farce, if you remember?

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