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Trump's Press Attacks Decried as "Reminiscent of Authoritarian Government"


Trump's Press Attacks Decried as "Reminiscent of Authoritarian Government"

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Press freedom organization Reporters Without Borders (RSF) on Monday expressed alarm over the Trump administration's lies to and attacks on the media within its first days of existence.

To wit:


Reminiscent of the THIRD REICH, along with Mussolini's handbook (Wishful thinking, megalomania, and Fascist ideology gradually overwhelmed Mussolini’s common sense) and Stalin's Five-Year Plan. The diabolical dimwit's end will be strikingly similar to Hitler's, Mussolini's, and Stalin's. Karma is a Bee-ahtch!


Definitely need to stand by the press. A free press is a dictators worst enemy. If a large portion of Americans side with Trump against the press that would be troubling. In almost all cases Trump is lying and the press is telling the truth. I think to many people, particularly in rural areas, being American means to be white and Protestant rather than believing in the Constitution and the values put forth by the Founding Fathers including the separation of church and state.


Rural residency also equates to ignorance and thus voting against their own best interests.


Hope not. I'm hoping the wide access information present today is enough for the public to not be persuaded.


Ever lived in a rural area? I live in a rural area that is very much educated and liberal. Your blanket generalizations don't further anything but your own bias.


Well said.


At this time, reporters, anchors, and editors must drop the "objectivity" and include some clear defense and explanation of their own methods in each story. Example: Trump disputes the small inauguration turnout, and the newspapers simply report that he denounced them. I say the media must treat these as teachable moments for the public. Take a few sentences to explain how crowds are estimated and why the reporters are confident of their numbers (within error bars), and contrast that with how Trump provided zero evidence for his belief. If they don't do that, pretty soon the public will accept the narrative that all opinions are equally valid. And when that happens, the press will have committed suicide as an institution of value and they will only have themselves to blame.


I think the NY Times is doing pretty much what you suggest, In their headline they said Trump's statement was false. And they showed photos to demonstrate that he was lying. And they they gave the opinion of an expert on estimating crowd size. They also provided a list of lies by Trump and his surrogates and provided the actual facts. The NY Times is on top of this as far as I can see. They are calling out Trump and his surrogates on as many lies as they can. They even pointed out that Trump claimed the sun came out when he gave his inauguration speech and stayed out until the end even though it rained the entire time. I would give them an A so far. I just hope they keep it up and don't get worn down or intimidated.


"They even pointed out that Trump claimed the sun came out when he gave his inauguration speech and stayed out until the end even though it rained the entire time"

Someone should tell El Twittler that he is not British. It WE on whom the sun never sets!


Yesterday's news Conference was pathetic! Spicer whined like a baby about being treated unfairly, while the press caved in and let him off the hook. nauseating .


That Times article was interesting especially since the Times did some pretty scant deep digs into Trump. The Times has some reporters (Eric Lichtblau) that appear to be pretty well-connected to GOP congressional insiders. Most of their sensationalist stories on Clinton's emails and the Foundation appeared to come from that direction. That the Times focuses on the trivial now is not unexpected. I wonder if it will give the same treatment to the GOP's budget?


Not to mention that some of the most rural states in the country voted overwhelmingly against Trump.


I cannot find any evidence that anyone in his entire life ever stood up to Trump, face to face, and told him flat out that he was lying. Last night he once again lied and said to bipartisan political leaders that five million illegal immigrants voted for Hillary. Reportedly, only two of these brave souls anonymously told the press about the lie. This means that Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Steny Hoyer did what when they heard Trump lying? Grinned nervously? Frowned mightily? They need to call him out face to face and watch him explode. This is also how reporters need to treat Trump any time they are in the room with him. Trump has been spoiled and coddled his whole life and flies into a rage when he sees on TV anything critical of him. He now needs to be pushed into a screaming rage in front of cameras, in congress, at any meeting,wherever he goes. The Republicans must be forced to face how dangerous he is and invoke the 25th amendment to remove him to a mental hospital before he launches a nuclear war based on sheer fantasy. Pence may hate 70% of us but at least he is less likely to start a war that will kill even his beloved ultra-white christians.

Instead of facing this terrifying new reality, we have Schumer & Co. coming up with a trillion dollar infrastructure plan and "daring" Trump to sign on - as if that is how you stop a power-mad dictator? They'd get farther offering an infrastructure plan to Kim Jun Un.


They only read that which reinforces their foregone conclusions: "Don't confuse me with facts, my mind is made up." I live in a rural area surrounded by millionaire wheat/pea/lentil farmers who erected giant T-dump banners in their fields. Won't they be surprised when their farm subsidies dry up in short order. But, hey maybe they will be able to export even more wheat to Russia.... (UGH!) Every single person in the business office where I am employed proudly clarioned that they voted for the demented dimwit...I, being a Sanders volunteer and delegate stay as far away from them as I possibly can yet never miss an opportunity to counter their ignorant comments with facts and figures.