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Trump's Private Jet-Loving Health Secretary Tom Price Resigns


Trump's Private Jet-Loving Health Secretary Tom Price Resigns

Price was increasingly under fire after it was revealed that he had spent boatloads of taxpayer cash to fly private


One scoundrel gone, tons more to go.


Now that he has resigned, he probably won’t be writing that $50,000 check he said he would pay back.


I wish that I could get a deal like that. He blows hundreds of thousands of taxpayer money, but only says he is paying back $50,000. Rudyjo is probably right in that Price will not even pay that.


Poor guy, he will land with a golden parachute, of course.These bastards rarely get what they deserve.


Can We the People now sue this corrupt lowlife for that $1Million now that he’s a private citizen?


Good riddance.


This just means something worse is coming down the pike, wondering if it is another general?


He’ll go back to Georgia where his fellow “Southern Gentlemen” will commiserate with him over brandy and cigars in their all-white men’s salon. Up next, a lucrative lobbyist position on K Street…after the dust settles, of course. But then again, after he is convicted of insider trading and serves several years behind bars (hopefully), he may become too stinky even for the K Street Krowd.


Just another white, self- entitled P.O.S. djt sycophant hits the dirt.

Ah Freddie, if you were only here with us - - - but in spirit --always.


Good riddance. This guy shouldn’t have been at HHS anyway.


the monopoly rea(i)lty show is setting the rate for blowing through the landscape. The trump card, having ‘been played’ tried for ‘the price is right’, next I suppose its to be the munchkin does tax[idermy] and … stay tuned… and en-title the next swamp slosh… I’m wondering if we’ll begin to see some crocs with decent appetites for fights.


Hello joes2001, Unfortunately the replacements will be as bad if not worse in almost every case and they are in depth by at least 100 to 1000 for each and every position vacated by the current criminal!!!


Hello KC2669, He needs to be transported to GITMO or some other black site where he can enjoy the comforts of orange is the new black!!!


This is after Price promised to pay back taxpayers for “his seat” not the use of an entire (empty) plane which was tens of thousands more. He thinks we’re all stupid.

Price owes the taxpayers somewhere between $500,000 and one million for his unapproved and improper use of chartered and military flights so he (and wife) could travel like royalty. Anything less than the full bill is unacceptable.


Why isn’t Trump in the hot seat? He just wants all that money to pay for HIS junkets.

He makes me furious, the shit.


Whole thing is a joke. Frankly, I still don’t think the press is really detailing the graft that’s at the heart of this crew in the way it would if we had a Democrat in charge, let alone Clinton.


Don’t agree, everything Trump does, says, tweets (so too his administration) is covered, ad nauseam.

The MSM is neoliberal (exception FOX, of course), they always give the Ds a free pass. Bush was excoriated, day in and day out. Obama was glorified. B Clinton’s contribution, actually he was the catalyst that set off the worldwide financial meltdown by his repeal of Glass-Steagall - CNN ever discuss that? No, or extremely rarely.

Just because the Ds get their big$$$bucks from selling out to Wall Street in the form of $1 million/45minute speaking engagements does not make them any less corrupt than Rs. Obviously the republicans have proven themselves to be hypocrites of the worst kind, taking food out of the mouths of children to fly on chartered jets so they can be treated like royalty all while claiming social programs must be gutted to save the country from ruin.


So, where are the ‘stockades’ for these thieving,egotistical phks!?


Name ONE social program initiated by the GOP since WWII. Yes, the Dems have capitulated endlessly in the atmosphere of Wall St. stock market ‘bubbles’, but don’t bother giving a no nonsense hate group (GOP) an ounce of respect.