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Trump's Pro-Settlment Ambassador to Israel Panned as "Beyond the Pale"

Trump's Pro-Settlment Ambassador to Israel Panned as "Beyond the Pale"

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump's choice for U.S. Ambassador to Israel, conservative hardliner David Friedman, "indicates that the Trump administration has aligned itself with the farthest right elements of the Israeli government," progressive group Jewish Voice for Peace said Friday.

America’s Ambassador’s are supposed to represent The interest of the American people…This right wing Israeli spy will not represent America, his primary function is to further the interests of conservative Zionist Jews and their theft of Palestine.


Trump continues to choose people seemingly to punish his opponents on the left of center. This is another pick that will get millions of Americans upset. The sale of Tums must be going through the roof. When did Trump become such a right-winger? He gave a large sum of money to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2008 and he used to be a Democrat. Apparently his conversion must have occurred within the past decade. He seems to only be operating based on wealth, power, and vengeance. I am sure many books will be written trying to explain how more than 60 million Americans actually voted for this guy.


This vile appointment is the culmination of a half century of subversion by Israel and their AIPAC US agents, of our sovereignty, politics, Congress and foreign policy - it goes against 40 years or so of us policy (even as one-sided and weak as it has been) condones violations of International Law, and is racist in the extreme! Talk about influencing US elections and officials by a foreign power!
Trumps appointments including this contemptible very dangerous example, should make every thinking person infuriated and worried - we are in for a very rough ride!

Lets remember the intentional pre-meditated Israeli sneak-attack on the USS Liberty, a failed Israeli false-flag op, that killed or wounded over 200 US sailors trying to sink the Liberty to hide their guilt! Israeli aircraft showed no markings while the Liberty was plainly and obviously identified as a US vessel! That pre-meditated crime and justice for the victims has been covered-up until this moment! Trumps sickening appointment of an Israeli extremist racist shows contempt for survivors of that attack and world opinion - but is on a par with his others! http://www.gtr5.com/

US Admiral Thomas H Moorer chaired an unofficial commission (US government too infiltrated/subverted by Israel) that found Israel indeed guilty of an intentional attack, unmarked planes and boats, war crimes, and cover-up, the US government also participated in! NEVER FORGET!

http://www.ussliberty.org/findings.htm - Moorer Commission findings



America is full of Kapos who will do anything to support the rich. They lake critical thinking skills and would follow anyone into hell.


Anyone who read Trump’s speech to AIPAC won’t be surprised by this pick.

Yeah the Neocons are just shaking in their boots!!!

Yeah that Trump is going to be a real peacenik, don’t you know.

And yes I posted BOTH Clinton’s and Trump’s speeches to AIPAC numerous times to call them both out on their shared Neocon stances. Trump probably out did her, sans her rebuke of BDS.

I remember Trump Neo Leftists claiming Trump supported Palestinians.

Oy vey!

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He’ll be a disaster (see the Real News Network interview with Shir Hever) and he’s ugly tooo.


Trump and Netanyahu, sort of like Hitler and Mussolini, but it is hard to tell which is which.

  • I think the only hope for World Peace is for both of them to meet the same end. Hopefully before they destroy the world as we know it.

Will these horrifying appointments rouse the public to oppose and perhaps counter them. Certainly many people are concerned and planning on continuing activism. Let’s hope the number grow and the opposition mounts until The Donald, who, I’ve heard, likes to be liked, decides to move into a kinder and gentler mode if such is possible.


The Jewish right wing has since Menachem Begin been lying about leaving the occupied Palestinian lands in every one of their summits with the Palestinians. The Israeli state is guilty of many atrocities and crimes of genocide against the people of Palestine whether in Gaza, the west bank or even in Lebanon refugee camps Israeli military and MOSSAD have committed assassinations and untold many gross human rights violations including the poisoning of Palestinian leader Yaser Arafat. The world cannot afford to ignore Palestine and the fate of the Palestine under brutal Israeli military occupation since 1967.Israel despises all UN resolutions issued against it since it’s occupation of Palestine and has done it’s damnedest to discredit and destroy the UN body ever since. This sneaky underhanded criminal dealing of the Jewish state must be dealt with sternly and with a unified force. I am not sure how BDS is going but Israel in conjunction with some over zealous Zionist billionaires have launched a nasty scare tactic against US higher education institutions to punish students who support BDS or even speak truth about Israeli inhuman treatment of the people of Palestine. I am personally alarmed and appalled by the disproportionate power and authority with which the Zionist entities in America are abusing our political, judicial, military, economic and national security institutions.


Add to that thousands of Palestinian school children, rock throwing children, women and men and thousands of demolished Palestinian homes and orchards to make room for the occupiers squatters. And let us not forget Rachel Corrie, a courageous and bright young American who bravely stood firm in front of Israeli bulldozers demolishing a Palestinian’s home, the Israeli government with a nod from the American authorities crushed her little body under the wheels of a US made Caterpillar bulldozer. I will cherish and salute for ever her courage and steadfast resolute support for a right cause.

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Right on, i think like an off time rooster they are crowing at the wrong time and in the wrong places.

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Trump says he’s a billionaire and AIPAC has a lot of billionaire supporters so a natural for a wedlock. Russia has a lot of oil, China doesn’t, Trump has hungry eyed offspring whom Trump is grooming for power and wealth. I think as our dear progressive satirist from Austin, TX Mr. Jim Hightower stated during the primaries in one of his commentaries, Trump is all for himself and he will use the US presidency to propel himself and Hi’s at the high cost to the American people and global environment.


How can you form a Palestine who’s capital is being swallowed by the Jewish state?


1000 times YES timebr…the slow-genocide of our time, racist ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity committed in full knowledge of the perps, their depraved supporters, and the wider world!

Unfortunately the majority of the “public” in the USA probably has no trouble with Trumps appointments at all.

The left really need to get out into the world of ordinary USAns - go bowling, as Michael Moore used to suggest…


you mean Bowling For Columbine. let’s NOT normalize that or pres elect pussy grabber EVER if you have a soul!

Good thing that Israel and AIPAC refuse to try and sway US elections or Obama migth get upset.


Jerusalem is the UN/globally recognized capital of historic Palestine, you just can’t wish it away