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Trump's Profits at D.C. Hotel Show Clear Violation of Constitution, Lawmakers Say


Trump's Profits at D.C. Hotel Show Clear Violation of Constitution, Lawmakers Say

Julia Conley, staff writer

Critics of President Donald Trump raised alarm on Friday regarding the profits he's made off the presidency, particularly at his hotel in Washington, D.C.—with lawmakers saying such profits bolster their case that Trump has violated the Constitution's Emoluments Clause.


And DJT’s response is: “So whaddya gonna do about, huh? Bah-fungoo!” The GOP-controlled Congress will simply ignore his larceny until it reaches such outlandish levels that the only recourse is to convict (after the House impeaches DJT) him of his patently criminal acts. Even then, all the demented dimwit will receive is a slap on the wrist and 2 hours of community service at one of his golf resorts. We can only hope that his aggressive, demeaning, derogatory tweets/comments about Senator McConnell motivate the Senate Majority Leader to lay waste to the emperor’s fiefdom…and SOON!


Impeach, Imprison, Implicitly!


Well I think Senate leader and House Leader and their assistance should be held liable for allowing this corruption to continue. Trying to turn us into a banana republic is treason or derelict of their duties and should be prosecuted. Impeach all elected officials in this administration.


This is so typical of this Orange piece of shit. Laws and regulations mean nothing to him, a characteristic that has been true for a long time/ He learned this sleaze from his odious father. The Trumps are an arrogant bunch of thieves and grifters. He has been in violation of the 25th Amendment from the beginning. However, getting this putrid scumbag on violations of the Emoluments Clause will be hard and I don’t see it happening. The only way that Trump will be removed is if he continues this appalling reign of incompetency to the extent that the Rethugs come to regard him as a danger to their overall regressive agenda and decide that he has to go. They’d love to replace him with Pence who is a different kind of scumbag - a very obedient one who actually knows how to put whole sentences together. In the meantime, as long as these ideological zealots remain in control the rest of us are screwed.


Another success story his base will love.

They’ll ask: Why wouldn’t someone make some money when the opportunity arises?

And truly, what consequences has he faced 200+ days into his presidency?


Silly fools. Don’t they realize we are no longer ruled by a constitution. How did George put it…quaint piece of paper.


ALERT The White House is currently occupied by a criminal. ALERT


Our whole govetnment is pervasively corrupt … Move On about Trump Hotels …


When open contempt for the law and Constitution are demonstrated at the highest levels, and the “president” lauds and promotes violence in America and on the world stage, this and much more is the result.

The utter failure of politicians from the R’Con right and complicit DINO co-conspirators to forcefully challenging and denouncing such destructive behaviors is at least as subversive to our republic as the malignancy inhabiting the WH itself.

Divisive political rhetoric, open bigotry & racism, gross stupidity, ego-mad anger, and countless examples of arrogant contempt for the law by trump is changing America - not making anything “great again” but encouraging aggression and violence - both financial and physical.


The Republican Party must be destroyed. Its mission is solely to disassemble our constitution and to enslave the American people. The key is turnout in primaries, then elections. A good sign is that older voters are increasingly seeing trump for the ignorant phony he is. The Republican Congress can stop all this but since they won’t they must be painted as the enemy. But when have we heard the Dems attack the republicans in those terms (as kleptocratic gangsters)? Nope. All we get from Democratic leaders is more of the same DINO crap (“Impeachment is off the table.”). Heard Pelosi lately on healthcare? She’s remains as sickening a liar as she can be on advocating for universal coverage. An elitist of the first order. No advocate for the underclasses she. Tie her in with the Republicans and boot her privileged ass out.


Just further corroboration of what I posted before: Trump’s decision to run for POTUS was purely the business decision of an egomaniac!


He can blow this one off easy enough, after all he can’t hep it if people are paying for influence. Whether or not there is a direct correlation between staying guests and obtaining favorable deals in return is what needs to be established.


This is the quote from that smirking POS -
“Don’t throw the Constitution in my face. It’s just a goddamn piece of paper!”
When, oh WHEN, are we going to recognize this bunch of regressive Rethug scum for what they are - traitors to this country.


“The Trump hotel seems to be able to profit off a much smaller group” that wants to “buy influence with the president and his staff,” said Jordan Libowitz, a spokesperson for CREW. Earlier this year, Trump International made $270,000 when Saudi lobbyists stayed in the hotel while Saudi Arabia was trying to overturn an anti-terrorism bill." This is outrageous, profiting from being president. The people that want to “buy influence” rent the rooms at a very high price while Trump profits. The only question I have is if this is an impeachable offense. Trump most likely wanted to become president only for the potential profits he could make.


Pelosi and Feinstein are considered to be “liberal” in this pathetic excuse of a party. Both of them are old fossils who need to be replaced. The hyper-rich sellout, Feinstein, is 84 and she has already announced that she intends to run for another 6 years in 2018! Enough of this “Better Deal”, New Democrat CRAP. If FDR could return he would be ashamed of what his party has devolved into. When FDR regarded the oligarchs of his time and their intentions he said “I welcome their hate.”
To this bunch of sellouts in the current Demo party it would be - “We welcome their money.”


“The 2018 United States elections will mostly be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. These midterm elections will take place in the middle of Republican President Donald Trump’s term. All 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives and 33 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate will be contested. 39 state and territorial governorships and numerous other state and local elections will also be contested.

If Democrats win the House and Senate in 2018, maybe THEY can impeach Trump since the Republicans have had their chance and failed miserably. So register to vote if you are not registered, and everybody here – VOTE in the 2018 elections.


How does that relate to the topic? Not at all. This post is simply Democrat bashing propaganda.

On the other hand you have Trump doing what no one else has ever done, make profits as president due to the hotel he owns and runs, which many of the people frequenting government patronizing the hotel. Congress needs to evaluate the situation in regard to violations of the law and/or constitution.