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"Trump's Racism and Cruelty Knows No Bounds": Outrage as President Smears Dorian Victims Fleeing Bahamas as 'Very Bad Gang Members'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/10/trumps-racism-and-cruelty-knows-no-bounds-outrage-president-smears-dorian-victims

This is what we have become? The heartless cruelty of this bag of scum has no limit and is dangerous to all living things. Frankly, however, Trump is the fully ripe fruit of neo-liberalism which is now showing obvious signs of rot. Endless exploitation of resources, ignoring environmental destruction and callous disregard of humanity has led us to this point with Trump being the honest face of a corrupted and failing system. Either we acknowledge this depravity and demand positive immediate change or the rot will continue to spread at a ever increasing rate. We have not seen anything yet!


Someone must have told him many victims of the hurricane were black…


Look, we’ve already seen Orangeman set up death camps for migrant children. Once you start throwing seriously genocidal punches, there’s not much lower for you, okay?

How many journalists demanded specifics, demanded this fiend stop making unsubstantiated smears in public? That is, acted like journalists? This is a ceremonial procession we’re all hooked into, thanks to corporate predators controlling the agitprop machine across the board: over and over, like water torture. Orangeman says the usual crap, and always gets nothing worse than the warm appreciation of his racist base, while we’re shocked, shocked. The dance looks likely to continue until someone stops it.


Definitely not ‘WASP’ or foreign billionaire oligarchs feeing with their nations wealth.

                              WHITE ONLY NEED APPLY

“We have to be very careful,” Trump told reporters Monday, defending the decision to remove hurricane victims from the ferry and warning that “very bad people” could be attempting to enter the U.S. after Dorian devastated the Bahamas, killing dozens and destroying tens of thousands of homes.

We have to be very careful that there are very bad people in Washington D.C. and there must be primaries to get them out of office. Obviously the prez but so called dem-lites as well. This is NOT who we are and those that do not stand up to do what is right do not belong there either.


Almost all of them are - Bahamas is 96% black. Marsh Harbor, Abaco had a large poor Hatian community - totally destroyed and most of the dead still in the debris are Hatian. Aside from the vile French or US supported dictators who have ruled their poor nation. Hardly any crime is ever comitted by them. Hatians are the kindent people you will ever meet.

Pure recism.


Born with a silver spoon in his mouth (or maybe some other place), Trump has no concept of suffering and certainly no empathy for those poor desperate people. His method is to spread fear and suspicion which emboldens his supporters and verifies his role as the greatest American demagogue in history.


Give credit where credit is due: Obama threw migrant kids into camps, too.

As for Trump, when the Common Dreams headline uses the word “outrage,” you can bet his base is happy as hell.


Yah very bad gang members and drug dealers as opposed to the very good gang members and drug dealers that he likes to surround himself with … what a mega-schmuck.


I think that is/may be incorrect Skeptic… While I have little or no respect for the obama regime, the fact seems to be they did not separate families and apparently did not “throw kids into camps”, although they did deport over 3 Million Latinx people. That atrocity seems to be all trump regime racism.

“The Obama administration did not do that, no. We did not separate children from their parents,” former Obama domestic policy adviser Cecilia Muñoz told NPR in May 2018 “This is a new decision, a policy decision put in place by the attorney general,” which Muñoz said “puts us in league with the most brutal regimes in the world’s history.”

Yes, Obama set Trump up:



President Trump may be correct in stating very bad people may be asking to enter the United States. What I do not understand is why persons in position of authority can not see the difference between predators of child abuse and wholesome families. What I do not understand is why persons in position of authority want to enact policies that leave families so deprived of justice and humanity they can not advocate for their families breaking wholesome peoples spirits to the point of vulnerability to child predators. You want to single out the child predators? Ask the good family members asking for help to help to identify their predators. President Trump points out the seriousness of the epidemic of child predator in the United States. Why we have not been able to stop this epidemic of child sexual abuse is the question that needs to be ask of people in positions of power. President Trump your policies are playing into the hands of predators. Just look at the decision to separate families at the boarder. Separation of family is a policy of child abuse. Why?

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Trump is very sick & disturbed. If these people were “white,” he’d have no issue. TRUMP IS A RACIST!


Well thanks, Skeptic, the truth is out there somewhere, although covered-up by betrayal from what passes for the media/press today, lie upon lie and deception as SOP.
I hadn’t remembered that particular obama policy atrocity beyond the mass deportations, but do with many others. His regime most definitely set-up the trump regime for many things and the DINO clinton/obama DNC selection of hillary was central to the rise of trump.


There is a very bad mob boss in the White House.


Murka had the blame victims while rewarding perpetrators drill refined long before Trump ascended the throne. Trump just executes the drill in a more overtly racist and in-your-face fashion.


Absolutely! A criminal:


The trump regime and all its cabinet members are good Christians are they not? Supported by other good Christians that believe in the teachings and commandments? caring for others that need help? The Golden Rule?

This is a musical indictment of the utter failure and racism inherent in the odious trump regime - and its “Christian” supporters apparently.


"What type of a rich man are you
who doesn’t care about the poor people.
what type of a rich man are you
who doesn’t care for the helpless people. They’re reading the bible and understand what it says.
It says;

Blessed is the hand that giveth,
Not the one that taketh"

The utterly depraved, loathsome, and soulless trump & co. And you, you so-called Christians that support trump & co, need to understand your hypocrisy - remember what your faith supposedly stands-for, and realize the one you support has no inkling of truth, caring or empathy for others, and is racist to his rotten core!


What makes me most angry is that the refugees already have suffered trauma most of us have never known, as yet. Imagine a wind that is one hundred times stronger than a twenty mile per hour wind, blowing for days with a sound that literally gets deep into your brain. You truly feel you are going to die, and then wish you could, just to end the torture. Once that’s over, you have a bunch of rich white men who refuse you help because, well, you’re not rich and you’re not white. May these rich white people see their own children suffer such trauma and not be able to help them. So mote it be.

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