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"Trump's Racism and Cruelty Knows No Bounds": Outrage as President Smears Dorian Victims Fleeing Bahamas as 'Very Bad Gang Members'

NEWS FLASH! trump fires john bolton as national security adviser!


I know a very bad person and he is not in the Bahamas. I think most people realize that this man is a threat to our nation and the world. Our representatives appear to be under total control of Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell - therefore nothing is done to rid us of this monster. Pelosi is holding up the trump tower with her two hands. She is the Enabler in Chief. A great nation would do all it could to help these victims of this horrible tragedy. Make American Great Again…a good slogan but as we know this man lies all the time.


I would have to say that this is a good thing but it is probably another example of the insanity in the oval office.

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There is another kind of christianity in the US and it is nothing like Jesus. It is really more like a political party that you find in other countries - aka The Christian Democrats. They will kill whenever they can.

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When Trump says gang members and drug dealers what he really means is black gang members and black drug dealers!


This is an incredibly important story. But it’s astonishing that a right wing government in Britain has shut down parliament for five weeks in the midst of a national crisis and there’s no story here on it. There is an international struggle against fascism underway and we’re going to have to be a lot better at working with anti-fascist forces overseas and understanding their struggles or we will lose.

Here’s Jeremy Corbyn’s speech to the Trades Union Congress today.


The puppet President’s mouth moves and speaks Stephen Miller.


The bloviating dick is a sociopath.

Do we need to handle Trump’s racism by permanently darkening his skin color to match the average Bahamanian?

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Now he can go on with Ann Coulterguist and rant on about what we should killing this week.

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In (tepid) defense of the journalists, they know that if they report the truth about him more than once they will never get close enough to ask another question. Sometimes only once.

Remedy: If they wanted to do their jobs, the MSM could do what most any group under siege may do when they have numbers and absolutely nothing else: For every one who gets cut down, there are two more right behind him.


Yeah, like the people who pine for the kinder, gentler capitalism of some imagined Golden Age.

"My object all sublime, I shall achieve in time
To let the punishment fit the crime, the punishment fit the crime.

(From The Mikado, by Gilbert and Sullivan)

Anyone else notice how bloated his face looks lately. Drugs?

“Donald Trump’s racism and cruelty knows no bounds.”

It’s a feature, not a glitch.

I think the Bahamas should raise their prices that they charge to tourists.
After all this time of people riding a speedboat from Florida to the Bahamas, this is how our racist in chief behaves.
I’m sure the Bahamians would have been permitted entry without ANY paperwork if they were bikini clad Norwegian women…

Tar would work well. There’s even a historical precedent to support the practice!


Thanks to the Sierra Club – but we need to hear the voices of the world on this
racism and cruelty of Trump –

The truly “BAD” people are in the White House –

They are the destroyers and we need to dislodge them.

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Someone must have told Trump that his Alabama hurricane landed on black people. That is the meaning of his code: “Very bad gang members.” The gang to worry about is the United States government.

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