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Trump's Racist Play for the Suburbs

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/24/trumps-racist-play-suburbs

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The suburban whites have already grown highly suspicious of Trump. They may not be that into radical progressive change, but they equally see Trump as a threat from the opposite direction. As long as they know that progressives have no intention of destroying life as they know it or cutting their 911 phone lines, I have confidence that this thrust can be parried.

If you believe that black lives matter, you might consider reading The Color of Law. It provides chapter and verse on how government at all levels actively promoted segregation. After WWII, the US government gave FHA loans to whites that allowed them to buy homes in the suburbs where the jobs were, but denied them to blacks. Unable to get loans and jobs, inner city neighborhoods deteriorated, allowing local governments to bulldoze them for freeways and urban “redevelopment.” This happened in both Republican and Democratic governments and in the North as well as the South. For example, the book has a number of examples right in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Wealth is multigenerational – you can’t pass it down if you don’t have it. Today white median wealth is 10 times that of black. This is no accident. I sincerely hope that Trump is our last racist President.


What’s missing in this artist’s rendition of a “new” suburb? A hint-it involves one of the most basic skills that allowed apes to evolve into hominids…Give up? Sidewalks!!! A place for humans to walk without having to dodge cars, trucks, big-ass pickups whose drivers want to score extra points on real-life Grand Theft Auto, gigantic SUV’s, and landscaping vehicles parked on blind curves.

this play of fear of black/urban crime worked to get Nixon and Bush 1 elected. And though suburbs are already more diverse thanks to the spillover from massive immigration, it might work again, especially with slogans like “abolish the police” around and some violent protesters deliberately or inadvertently playing into Trump’s hand