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Trump's Racist "Rigged Election" Attack Is as Old as America

Trump's Racist "Rigged Election" Attack Is as Old as America

Harvey Wasserman, Bob Fitrakis

Donald Trump’s demand for “monitors” at polling places to prevent a “rigged election” is an old and ugly story.

It’s obviously aimed – KKK style – at stopping black and Hispanic citizens from voting. But in fact both major parties have used such terror tactics – and updated electronic ones – since the birth of the nation.

Trump’s main contention is that the media has rigged the election. This really has more to do with television than than the actually casting of votes. He calls CNN the Clinton News Network. Then there is NBC, ABC, and CBS. And even FOX. That seems to be the type of thing he is talking about. In addition he claims the Republican establishment has rigged the election in Clinton’s favor. His racist type of charge has been focused especially on black neighborhoods in Philadelphia as a way of getting votes from white voters in the central and western part of the state. The type of charge apparently has been part of Pennsylvania politics for a long time.

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Trump fails to mention that he is part of the rigging when he reminds us that elections are rigged. The only logical explanation for Trump failing to expand his base post nomination is that he is planted to assure Clinton wins.

“Rigged election attacks” AND RIGGED ELECTIONS “are as old as America”.

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And to discredit those who actually have legitimate points about rigging of elections. After all why listen to the sane progressive when the insane republican candidate is saying something similar.

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C’mon. Have you so soon forgotten this year’s Democratic primaries? “Rigged” should be a prominent part of liberal discourse, but it’s not. Poor Bernie and his avid supporters–including me-- just try to find a current article about him to read, even in the alternative media. OK, so CD has a note today re: Bernie’s raising funds; how about one comparing Bernie’s values with those of Trump and Clinton or about the DNC’s disgusting primary performance?


In Murka and elsewhere election and voting integrity must constantly be scrutinized and monitored. Whenever such integrity is taken for granted you can safely bet your last nickle that integrity is being compromised.


And the other candidates that are running and will be on most of our ballots. They are blacked out of the main stream news. Bernie was blacked out as well.
Trump is correct that the media helped rig the primaries along with the other tricks and bribes the emails have revealed.
Democracy is on trial and it’s failing

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It’s a shame when the idiot is the one telling the truth. We all just watched the primary being stolen from rigging.
Obama had the nerve to announce “this country is too big to rig an election”, ha ha ha.
Watching Clinton’s run their corruption is like watching a mafia family tow the mark for the Don, mafia don, that is. With all the corrupt Democrats mum on the theft of the primary, we have to assume the whole lot of them are just as corrupt. Thank God for the DNC Fraud Lawsuit that is ongoing. Perhaps there will be an exposure, they certainly have all the proof they need.


Seeing how the Clintons are deeper in hock to their corporate paymasters than they have ever been, they have no choice but to continue gunning against us to enrich the corporations whose ownership of politicians is no different than the Mafia’s business model. Nobody is allowed to resign or retire from the Mafia…its a lifetime commitment. Ditto politicians owned by corporations.


Call it a surrogate screwing.

Republicans roger Democrats (who don’t seem to mind)

But we’re the ones who really get fucked.

The US itself is an economic entity, and every aspect of life today is determined by economic status/class. The US went to the extreme of stripping our poor of the most basic human rights (UN’s UDHR) of food and shelter. We know that not everyone can work, and that there aren’t jobs for all, but we simply don’t care.

What matters most to people is whether or not they have the means to keep their families together, housed and fed. Many don’t. Even liberals have disappeared them from the discussion. The great majority of very poor are white, but I can assure you that the hell of US poverty today is the same regardless of skin color. The fact is that people of color don’t know white poverty exists, and white people pretend it doesn’t. On the rare occasion that poverty comes up, we refer to poor people of color as “disadvantaged,” and poor white people as “white trash,” and treat them accordingly.

Could anyone imagine that this has had no impact on the US overall?

The Clinton wing have owned and controlled the DNC since the 1990s.


Rigged elections have been in place forever and used by both parties. C’mon. Have you forgotten the primaries already? Both parties are corporate owned so what we have now is not a democracy but a corporatocracy. Was this piece really written by the brilliant Harvey Wasserman, one of my teachers on my political journey? I am deeply disturbed by the rightward drift of Common Dreams and other “alternative” news sites. What immediately comes to mind is a recent piece telling us to accept Clinton even if the election is rigged because that’s what Gore did and welcome to democracy. I’m trying to think if I recently gave money to Common Dreams but if it continues to publish articles I can read in the MSM, those days are over…

not much point in voting, it seems the EC has already decided on Hilary quite some time ago

Crazy is as crazy does, Left or Right.

The genteel racism of the White Progresssive.

Joe Stalin said “It’s not who votes but who counts the votes that counts”.