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Trump's Regulatory Rollbacks Linked to Worse Air Quality and Thousands of Premature Deaths

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/23/trumps-regulatory-rollbacks-linked-worse-air-quality-and-thousands-premature-deaths

Wake up Base. He’s intent on killing all us eaters.


Sadly. His Base loves the pollution. I kid you not, and I am not exaggerating. They do not mind the horrible odors of the petro plants. No complaints when they blow up. A frequent remark I have heard,“Stepped outside when their was a blow up, and turned on my engine of my truck to breath the exhaust fumes.” They tell people to shut up and stop complaining. Say it is the price we pay for all our consumer goods. DENY global warming. Lots of flat earth excuses. They talk about killing protesters. They will argue with every reasoned argument for days. They sit in the local hospitals with cancer and a stoic expression as if it was reasonable to have so many cancers. They have only one main concern racism, and building the wall. This is the sad truth about them.

Except in California I guess?

Which of the offices at the EPA need to have air pollution pumped in, at the maximum level their relaxed regulations will allow?

Americans suffering from increased air pollution?? Maybe cosmic justice, we get as a people what we voted for

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Why does the Orange Cheato rollback public health standards in the USA?
Because shooting people one at a time on 5th Avenue in the heart of NYC takes too long in getting rid of the 99%!!

Trump will claim “we got the cleanest air and water ever thanks to me. It real clean and super safe. It the cleanest air and water in the world because America is the greatest. if you do not like our clean air and water then go back where you came from. USA USA USA I am a genius”.

His supporters will eat it up.