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Trump's "Reorganize Government" Order More Like Plan to Destroy It

Trump's "Reorganize Government" Order More Like Plan to Destroy It

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Donald Trump's latest executive order, signed during the chaos of the GOP's healthcare scoring report this week, instructs department heads to recommend any "unnecessary" agencies or programs to be slashed as part of a plan for "reorganizing" the federal government—and could spell disaster for agencies like the Department of Education, critics warn.

A more apt description is that Dump wants to lurch backwards to when the USA had the Spoils System vis a vis federal employment.


I cannot understand why someone would want to purportedly “represent the needs of the people” who elected them and enter the government at any level…local, county, state, federal and then proceed to dismantle it, deny any allegiance to their constituents, and focus solely on self-aggrandizement to the detriment of all. They then become punitive, nasty, mean-spirited and far removed from reality seeking only to get all they can and then get out…to represent the corporate kleptocracy: to whit, Paul Ryan a very nasty, self-serving elitist who could care less about any American not making million$$$ and is even disdainful and disparaging about folks barely making ends meet working two and three jobs.

They cast off integrity, compassion, self-respect and decency for money and the power it gives them.


While I do not believe in any benign intentions on the part of Trump, there really are a lot of places that need massive cuts in the federal government. I would rather have more state and local control over many things. Such as the department of education. Why do we really need it? We seem to get dictates from this office like “No child left behind” or all of the testing mania. Also, the department of education seems to be pushing charter schools. The federal government loves to take money from us in the state and local and then send it back with mandates (whether we like them or not) and force us to make changes we may not want. Of course local politicians go crazy trying to get federal dollars. The tax system is backwards - first local communities should have what they need to run the local community, then the state should get some of what is left over - the remainder goes to the federal government. The federal government should have a strong judiciary to force the states to follow civil rights and other laws. An enforcement agent of those laws - the FBI. The state department, defense and other things - but the federal government is just too much the dictator and a thief.

Also, does the US really need over 900 military bases around the world - many in the land of sovereign nations?

Reorganize Government. Translation: Drown it in a bathtub!

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Why do I get the feeling this Vulgarian’s administration is a lot like the saving and loan scandal of years past?

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We don’t need 900 military bases around the world, but we do need a Dept of Ed that ensures all children have access to a full and equal education all the way through university, college or trade school. The current state of the Dept. of Education is brought to you by the same people who have brought us fascism–the neoconservatives and neoliberals who abandoned the New Deal to redistribute this nation’s wealth upwards. Having a bunch of uneducated people is really good news for the GOP at election time, and even better when your main goal is to transfer the control of government to transnational corporations. Books really are better than bombs.

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Betsy Devos, Mike Pence, & the establishment don’t want the li’l Jimmys to have school lunch. They believe that markets should decide who eats and who doesn’t.

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The corruption and criminal activities of the current kleptocracy in place is far and away more powerful and dangerous than the S & L debacle in the 1980’s (of which Neil Bush, brother of GWB was a major orchestrator and only had to perform a few hours of community service. Neil has gone on to make million$$$ in the school testing field thanks to his brother’s No Child Left Behind cabal…NB bought the largest testing services in NY & NJ right before GWB and Congress launched NCLB). As citizens, it is incumbent upon us to consistently and rigorously do our homework and connect the dots to prevent scum like the current admin from taking over.

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Include the GOP controlled Congress in the plan to do irreparable harm to all children, families, and life as we know it.

Let’s also include the “pro-business” democrats.

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Can we eliminate Trump and DeVos from the budget?

sorry but I think the Dept of Ed is a lot more about power than education. It sounds good until you look at some of the things it has done. During the past twenty years it seems to have been on a war against teachers and true education. It used distorted figures to demand that everything be taught to test. Teaching for a test is not necessarily education. I just don’t buy that it does that much good. I don’t think education would go away if the Federal Dept of Education went away. Maybe people would have to take more of a role in education of their children and in how their schools ran if we got rid of “big brother.”

“Also, does the US really need over 900 military bases around the world - many in the land of sovereign nations?”

No, it doesn’t. Unfortunately, that’s not the part Trump wants to cut back on.

The House of Representatives is supposed to be the source of bills that legislate funding and monetary outlay for the government. How is it that the president, all by himself via executive order, can now simply demand that budgets be slashed, people fired, and entire agencies be defunded?

I had the same question about Obama’s executive orders on the ACA, by the way. He issued numerous EOs on the ACA that changed funding, penalties, and the effective dates of certain clauses of the law. In essence, he was overturning portions of a financial bill without Congressional votes. I thought that sort of thing was, y’know, unconstitutional.

Trump needs to apply an invigorating dose of job insecurity to the CIA. Really browbeat them and humiliate them in public until they know who’s boss.



What else would we expect from a demented sociopath?

Military industrial machine for profit- a killing machine.

Remember these holier than thou billionaires fooled the buffoons by not taking a salary. Who needs a salary when the rest of the family is making billions?

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Yep, as long as you are an evangelical .