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Trump's Restless Hostility Unites China and Russia


About a year and a half ago, my wife and I shared a meal at a fire hall with a lady who was a career military (Navy) person in operations at Crystal City, Virginia.

She must have been in her 60’s and had just retired.

Trump had been in the White House for a little less than a year at the time, and in our conversation I asked her if she had any idea how her fellow enlisted as well as retired military folks felt about Trump’s fitness as Commander in Chief.

She intimated that as much as 75% were in agreement that he lacked honor of any kind.

She respected the Presidency, but not the President.

When and if the time comes Lamonte, you can choose to stand or run.


You do not want that time to come. Trust me. It’s not like in the movies.


Indeed, good old Carter! Perhaps part of his zeal for doing good (and I give him credit for this) is to make up for his horrendous decision as President to pursue a very dark policy in the proxy war with the Soviet Union in Afghanistan…working in tandem with Saudi Arabia to bring Wahhabism to Afghanistan via Pakistan with Brzezinski cheering on the shiny new Muhajideen, the up and coming Al Qaeda.

Thanks again Jimmy!


They should use PEACE as their ultimate “weapon”, as Empire would be flummoxed by such. Sun Tzu, twenty-first-century style…


Margolis undercuts his own definition of the “objective of intelligent diplomacy” being “to divide one’s foes, not to unite them.”

Because the actual objective of intelligent diplomacy–as Russia and China are demonstrating–is to create spheres of influence that offer a foundation for alliances around common interests. That’s why the US has had diplomatic relationships with ruthless dictators and theocracies when it suits us. And if China is a foe, why do we depend on them to manufacture so much of what our tech companies sell?


And trust me when I say, this younger generation isn’t going to put up with the shit we have from lying ineffective corrupt politicians.

We may be gone, however they will have learned from our mistakes of allowing the few to take advantage of the many.


I get it. Someone else is gonna do the “revolution”. Might wanna get their iPhones away and block their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Also no more Hulu or Netflix. You might then find a few guys willing to run the “revolution”.


You don’t have much faith in people, do you Joe?