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Trump's Rhetoric Stokes Hate and Never Thinks of the Consequences.

Trump's Rhetoric Stokes Hate and Never Thinks of the Consequences.

Eugene Robinson

Hatred, resentment, white supremacy and victimhood are deadly political tools. President Trump wields them with no thought to the consequences — and people die.

“Familiarity with US history” should lead the author to understand that Trump and the GOP know exactly what the “consequences” of their divide and conquer strategy are…to realize nineteenth century robber baron Jay Gould’s dream that half the working class would kill the other half and the remaining half will be totally subservient to the tyrants at the top.


I agree and that Gould also is a psycho. They do know what they are doing, and have no souls. Since the recession, hate filled actions and speech are in. Also Mussolini used this and was admired by Hitler. So… we know all this- now what? As a society we are better than that or are we? I would like to think so . Also, too many people like to think of pols being their daddies or mommies. Why is that? Yes, a good leader should strive to bring people together. Sure. Right.

We need to realize that our “leaders” work for us not the opposite way around.

Even more… they need to realize this.

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Yes, they do , but they won’t unless enough of us rise up and state this. Anywhere else people work, they cannot get away with this without being fired.