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Trump's Rollback of Fuel Economy Standards Could Cost Americans $460 Billion: Consumer Reports Study

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/07/trumps-rollback-fuel-economy-standards-could-cost-americans-460-billion-consumer


There’s something far more nefarious afoot than this cutback on proposed fuel economy standards. In Paul Hawken’s “Drawdown” (comprehensive plans to reverse global warming) GM’s Chevy Volt Plug-in Hybrid PHEV is rated an effective 150mpg when driven 50 miles daily. Drive less, the effective mileage goes up. Drive more, the effective mileage goes down. Ford/Prius PHEVs are rated an effective 110mpg with similar potential to raise or lower effective mileage. Why then are GM & Ford cancelling their hybrid models. There’s no good answer to that question.

Consider Daimler Truck’s recent production of all battery BEV freight trucks. Environmental purists (dimwit Silicon Valley/Seattle acolytes) claim BEVs are better than PHEVs. The freight truck battery pack is 550kwh. A Tesla ‘S’ BEV pack is 85kwh. The Ford/Prius PHEV battery pack is a small 5kwh. Daimler appears to be conducting a “power grab” coup. A good rule of thumb goes like this: We can direct battery and charge resources to “ONE” freight truck, 6 Tesla ‘S’ sport sedans, or 110 Ford/Prius. The Daimler freight truck discharges their huge battery twice daily, so double the number of passenger cars that won’t be converted to either BEV or PHEV. (‘1’ truck, ‘13’ Tesla, ‘220’ Prius)

Consider the advantages PHEVs have over BEVs. The suitcase size PHEV pack matched to a similarly small and less expensive rooftop solar array are a basic backup power supply that would keep lights on, food cool, stovetop cooking in a grid failure. When its vehicle use reaches its limit at ~100,000 miles, it can extend its use for years as stationary low-power household uses also matched to rooftop solar. Not so easy to do with larger Tesla packs which are also more expensive to replace in the Tesla. Something nefarious is going on; criminally prosecutable wrongful harm perpetrated by our ruling class and their dimwit Silicon Valley/Seattle acolytes driving Tesla ‘S’ sport coupes.

the $460 billion in extra fuel costs doesn’t get buried in a hole, it gets to the fossil fuel empires, so no wonder there is this rollback.
But remember almost everyone could drive less if they tried

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Another example of the few, oil lobbyists,auto schmoes, dictating policy affecting the 300 million. The asshole Bolton is another unelected schmuck trying to steer the country into a war for the foreign entity that controls congress.

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The Imperial Presidency of special interests and rule by executive fiat.

Its one thing when a president acts for the Common Good to establish policies and quite another when one acts for private interests and profits for crony’s “rolling-back” established policy.

“There’s no good answer to that question”
You’re right about “no good answer” for us, but there my be for the auto manufactures, lost sales in parts for combustible engines over electric engines. In the late 90’s chevy offered an electric car to southern CA. residents only, and would only lease them, not sell. A new CEO took over the company and ordered all of these cars be rounded up and destroyed, against the wishes of the people who were leasing them. The CEO’s reason was, about the same amount of money was made for the company in part sales over the life of the car, as the purchased price of the car. Electric motors rarely break down, so little part sales profit. I know this is you’re field, so viable explanation?
I recently tried to purchase an high end electric weedeater to replace my worn-out commercial gas model from Stihl. The gas model was about $300, the best electric model set-up (which is not as good of quality as the gas model), was going to cost almost $1000. Stihl was trying to makeup their lost parts profit on the front end.

As far as fuel economy, hell lets go back to leaded gas, what could go wrong? /s

The answer my post suggests, Reconfire, is that GM, Ford and Daimler Truck want power resources to go to the least number of people - the ruling class and their acolytes. Silicon Valley’s dotcom, Seattle’s Amazon and Costco, along with Daimler freight truck are more associated with the global economy than GM & Ford. But the latter are among the ruling class pretending that “self-driving” car tech is the next big thing though they all know it’s a fraud. They also want everyone to believe all-battery BEVs have more potential to address global warming than plug-in hybrid PHEVs. My argument explaining how PHEVs actually have more potential to achieve that goal than BEVs sadly reinforces my conclusion
that the ruling class are planning World War III as their final solution to overpopulation.

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