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Trump's Roundup of Immigrant Leaders Has Begun


Trump's Roundup of Immigrant Leaders Has Begun

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan
"Until we get reform, we need to repeal the act that criminalizes immigrants, that makes us less than human because of a document.”
"A vigorous mass movement is growing, dedicated to immigrant rights that challenges mass deportations and the racism of President Trump and his supporters." (Photo: Thien / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


Kristallnacht anyone? Cue the Wagner.


This country is getting weirder and scarier everyday.


Very troubling. If they are intentionally targeting leaders to weaken the immigrant rights movement that is beyond just an immigration issue. It is targeting of political opponents and removing them from the country for political reasons - not immigration reasons. This whole ICE thing is wrong and while I think we needed to get control of immigration, we could have worked to allow people who are here to stay and become legalized through a due process that would not incarcerate, humiliate or degrade anyone.


“First they came for the trade unionists…”

It begins. We have been here before. How it ends is up to us, and what we do today.


Incarceration, humiliation, and degradation is born in the Hate within the Republican Party.

Plus, it puts money in the pockets of them and their friends, who have invested in the Prisons for Profit industry.

Some Senate Democrats have also received money from these corporations.

It perplexes me how brutal some humans can be towards others, in order to make a dime.

These humans give meaning to the phrase, Hell on Earth.


I guess we are starting to understand what it must have felt like for the Germans to wake up everyday as their country was quickly turning into Nazi Germany.


I have a theory that they set all of this up. They created conditions in other countries that would almost force people to leave (Nafta and the wars in Central America.) They permitted most of the illegal immigration by never going after employers (their friends). Illegal immigration could be used to under cut organized labor and to get cheaper labor without any legal rights - their ideal employees. I think in the long run they knew they would go after the immigrants so therefore they invested in private prisons knowing this and provided large numbers of people (undocumented people) to support their investment. If we only understood how they have manipulated all of this to their favor we would be further amazed at their unlimited depravity.


I’m afraid that before this is all over, we too will learn about the depths of our own depravity.

Ever see Mel Gibson in the “Patriot?”


Right down to Amy Goodman reporting on the actual immigrant leaders being round up. How nice she took a break from her Russia hacked our election mission. They have been rounding up the leaders for a couple of years now and it’s terrifying. Eventually they will come for us.


They also privatized the immigration ICE facilities to GEO group. When democracy now used to report on them there were women and children in immigration detention facilities that had been there for years when it used to only take 6 weeks. I doubt they ever got out. They are profit for the prison industry which started focusing on women as they’re easier to keep as inmates. The women and children are probably lifers. I don’t doubt the real left will eventually be too.


PonyBoy, it was the democratic party that ushered the private prison industry in. Both Hillary and Bill personally got congress to go for it. GEO group is running the immigration detention facilities which no longer let people out of them. It’s time to wake up and see the Dems and the Reps are answering to the same corporate masters. In Obama’s last days the immigrants were begging him to make DACA permanent - and it was urgent because of Trumps racism and saying he’d get rid of them. Obama ignored them. This was only 13 months ago. Where were you?


The " they " you speak of were actively undermining union shops in S. California long before NAFTA. These forces were moving businesses into Tijuana and the Baja before NAFTA. The goal was, and still is, two-pronged: to get cheaper labor and to evade gov’t regulations in regards to serious pollution, EPA, OHSA and what have you. San Diego and that area had some serious criminal behavior going on during the 1980s. Now it’s " just another boring day in Paradise " for rich 1%ers and their servants. So it goes…


ICE = Gestapo 2.0


But…Trump supporters really get off on Incarceration, Humiliation and Degradation. They would happily expand these activities to “Liberals” (their catch-all term) if they got the chance.


They get off on incarceration, degradation and humiliation of poor people. When it comes their turn I don’t think they are going to like it very well but hopefully we can get it accomplished. I can think of several candidates for Guantanamo including Trump, Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld for starts.


Friends of Ronnie and Nancy no doubt.


The same Ronnie who busted the air traffic controllers union ?


Where was I, 13 months ago?

Well, after working towards putting Dr.Jill Stein in the White House, then seeing that 95% of the voting electorate voted to support the continued legalized corruption and fleecing of America, I suppose that I was disheartened that so many of my fellow Americans are so fucking blind to the reality of the Destructive Duopoly and the snakes that pose as politicians.


Not really, no…

People are not being rounded up, beaten, murdered and their businesses destroyed bacuse of their ethincity. Ignorance of historic facts in the US is mind boggling.