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Trump's Sanctions on Iran and Violation of the Nuclear Deal Defy His Vows to Create US Jobs


Trump's Sanctions on Iran and Violation of the Nuclear Deal Defy His Vows to Create US Jobs

Eric Margolis

President Trump keeps vowing to create more jobs in America. But his actions often speak differently. The most egregious example was Trump’s cancellation of the multi-national Iran nuclear treaty that had been welcomed by the world as a major step to Mideast denuclearization.


There more involved here than just Iranian and Turkish support for the Palestinians.

Iran is a major source of Natural Gas. The other big supplier is of course Russia and much of this gas goes to South Eastern European Countries and Eastern European Countries. Russia still wants a Southern Pipeline that will bypass the Ukraine entirely and run through Turkey and up into the Balkans.

Under US pressure the EU tries to head off these attempts. They claim they want more diversified sources of Gas as they do not want Europe to be dependent on one source .

Off the Gaza strip mass deposits of Natural Gas have been found. Israel claims it can supply Southeast Europe with Gas via Cyprus using Gas which in fact belongs to the Palestinians .

Meanwhile in Yemen abundant reserves of Gas are expected to be found. Meanwhile Qatar is being ostracized by The Saudi’s as a supporter of terror , Qatar being a major source of Natural gas found in the waters between Iran and Qatar. Meanwhile Syrian territory is seen as one of the most promising pipleine routes to get this gas to market in Europe. Meanwhile the US President claims the EU to build massive LNG terminals to buy US gas.


“The U.S.-Israeli-Saudi policy goals.”

A totally amoral Duopoly created Axis of Evil.

And 98% of American voters support it by continuing to vote for Democrats and Republicans.


Like the egregious and horrible lie about the Gulf of Tonkin, in Vietnam, that murdered thousands of our soldiers and so many Vietnamese one has to wonder how long before the Gulf of Hormuz will be used as a pretext to attack Iran!


“Washington’s denial to Iran of Boeing Aircraft (and Airbus planes because they contain U.S.-made parts), means the loss of tens of thousands of highly-paid jobs in the U.S. and Europe. Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, claims he talked Trump into canceling the Iran nuclear deal and the Boeing orders.”

My emphasis above. Thanks Eric for playing Toto on this matter and revealing more of Empire’s tentacles to me.


This deal was a surrender. It is why Obama and Kerry did not put it to a vote in the U.S. Congress but instead put it to a vote in UN. It did nothing but enrich the Iranian mullahs (in advance) and legalize their pursuit of nuclear weapons. Trump’s actions are putting pressure on these terrorists who have caused so much misery in the Middle East and elsewhere. This is one thing I can agree with the Trump administration on.