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Trump's Secret Service Permanently Ends White House Sidewalk Access


Trump's Secret Service Permanently Ends White House Sidewalk Access

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Trump administration has permanently shut down public access to the sidewalk outside of the south fence of the White House, among other restrictions, USA Today reported Wednesday.


I was one of the last to drive in front of the White House when the road was shut down under President Clinton. Drove by on my way to an appointment in the morning, it was blocked when I tried to come back the same way. :confused:


This reminds me of the time when Richard Nixon surrounded the White House with bumper to bumper Metro DC buses to prevent peace demonstrators from storming the White House. He also installed sand-bagged machine gun nests on the steps of the Supreme Court for the same demonstration. I was always surprised that right-wing agitators did not take some pot shots at the solders to provoke a mass attack on the peace protesters.


All of a piece.
Can't say we weren't warned.
Nothing to see here, folks.


The Reichstag of Trumpdom...what next, banners flowing from the balcony of the WH with the emperor's ugly mug glaring at the American people? This diabolical despot thrives on fear-mongering, xenophobia, and widescale HATRED.


Yeah, although Pennsylvania Avenue at the WH remains open to everything but cars, so it actually was an improvement. In the case of E-street on the other side, it was closed in 9/2001 to all but pedestrians and only during daytime - no bicycles.


I know of no other country that calls itself "democratic" that has such draconian security measures around its parliament/legislative houses or it president/prime minister residence as the USA has. You can walk right up to the door of 10 Downing Street. The Canadian parliament building remains open to the public, in spite of a violent incident with a gunman in 2014. It speaks volumes about the disfunctionality of the USA.


Is it fascism yet?

I really am not sure what it will take for people to realize what is being done to them. How we get out of the grotesque two-party box (where one "side" invokes the cognitive dissonance defense when it affects them personally) is an answer that I do not have. Watching idiot party fools spew their misbegotten thoughts against each other - without the faintest of clues as to how stupid they look - is something I can not fathom.

You're right Pogo -"We have met the enemy and he is us"


WANA, I read you.


The Secret Service has absolutely no imagination: Time to install a second, interior, wrought iron fence; and, fill the space between with gleaming razor wire. Then, the upkeep of the WH can be contracted out to one of the nation's many corporate prison contractors, in keeping with Trump's plans to privatize, er...rebuild, the country's infrastructure. In this manner, the sidewalk can remain open to the public; and, the view of the WH will be appropriately enhanced.


I always thought the most interesting thing with Nixon was when he went out and walked among the protestors at the Lincoln Memorial .to talk to them. Not sure he learned anything, but thought it was a nice gesture.


Then again, there have been 45 Presidents and 12 assassination attempts , 4 of them successful and three wounded. Britain has had more Prime Ministers and 1 successful attempt.


Probably a good thing. I can smell the stench of corruption from the building way up here on the Canadian boarder. The capital of hog cast raters and Ted Nugent


Ach ja! Der fuehrer must be protected against der sight und smells of the unwashed masses. Heil Twitler!
* Wanted, one more Nuremberg trial, soon!


Yes, this shit started long before Donald Trump. When people allow any defiance of our freedoms by its government, gov't only takes more. It is past time for a people's revolution. We are many while they are few.


Sadly stated.




Washington, D.C. 50 years ago was the paragon of democracy, a shining light on the riverside, a beacon of equality and fearlessness. Now it appears as an anti-tank bunker where people have to squeeze between cement blockades to approach any building. The B.F. Skinner-inspired kennel construction manipulates people in ways they cannot understand, but we citizens are treated like dogs, blocks, stones, worse than senseless beings. Free speech pens? Where? Even Berkeley is no longer home to a free speech area. We are silenced, herded, captured and sent to die for the demonic corporations who've risen to the highest seats of the land. And we are so befuddled that we cannot comprehend where we are or where the exit may lie.


Would have been wonderful to have seen Obama do something like that with OWS instead of what did happen.


I say put a huge razor wire fence there and post the military with big ugly dogs pacing back and forth. That way people will know at a glance that the presidency is now a tyranny and he is using it to enrich himself and his cronies. Why play little games with the idea? Make it obvious.