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Trump's Secret Weapon Against a Free Press


Trump's Secret Weapon Against a Free Press

Timothy Karr

FCC Chair Ajit Pai is doing his best to undermine net neutrality and the fight against media consolidation.


Pai was appointed to the FCC by Obama under the recommendation of Mitch McConnell.
Thanks Obama. /s


There is a multi-front assault on press freedom and internet freedom. One major assault comes in the guise of anti-Trump/Putin partisans:


(Interestingly, Common Dreams apparently has an algorithm that prevents Counterpunch links from showing up here as graphic images, as other links do.)


Yes thank you. That is why it is frustrating to hear that this is a “partisan issue” and it would have been solved if we didn’t vote for Trump. “Left hero” Obama appointed this shit Pai. And if you really think the centrist Hillary would have overturned this you are a lemming. Again as George Carlin would say “It is a big club and you aint in it”.


Yeah, this is a very one sided report. By leaving out the major efforts of Democrats to censor alternative news this makes it look like the Democrats are the good guys on this and the Trump Republicans are the only bad guys.

Thanks, MCH & Webwalk.

By the way, CNN is biased on Russiagate and Trump has every right to point that out.

I am a very strong supporter of Net Neutrality. But those opposing it aren’t doing it to censor views, they are doing it to make a bigger profit. The same with consolidation. The result will be censoring views.

But the Democrats just out and out want to censor alternative views online and have already forced Google, Twitter, and Facebook to develop algorithms to remove alternative views from their sites. The changes Google has done has caused hits on Google for the World Socialist Web Site to decrease by two thirds. Twitter administrators bragged before Congress how many tweets on the DNC corruption revealed by Wikileaks they were able to delete due to their algorithm.


It’s all about the money. You have no freedom in a capitalist society. Money is the ruler, and money makes the rules.


It should be clear to all by now that the Democratic Party establishment (Obama/Clinton/Pelosi/Schumer) have an identical goal set as the Republicans. The reason they are willing to compromise free speech is because they don’t want you to understand that there is not a dime’s worth of difference. If you find out you might do something stupid like vote for Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein instead of Hillary.


Step by step by step, Information Control metastasizes, leading toward Thought Control! Orwell was very prescient, to say the least! Hitler and Goebbels would have greatly admired this Administration.


Anyone who sheds a tear for Trump’s attacks on CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post is either asleep at the wheel, or wallowing in liberal ignorance. These are the same outlets who gave us WMDs, Russiagate and every other fake news story. They not only should be criticized, but investigated.