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Trump's Shadow Cabinet Will Allow His "Tentancles" to Control All Agencies


Trump's Shadow Cabinet Will Allow His "Tentancles" to Control All Agencies

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Trump administration is giving its top aides a channel from the president's ear to major federal agencies, creating a so-called "shadow cabinet" that will help the White House control policy despite promising to give department secretaries "unusual autonomy," Politico reports.


'Chosen aides will be given the title of "senior adviser"...'. The real issue with this is in business speak, an adviser is an outside influence. How this breaks down for us is that their pay/salary can be hidden from the public and they have no need to follow any laws that have to do with our country. What if they are a spy from Russia, or whoever. How could Trump know? MLK's personal photographer was an FBI agent yet they had known each other for 20 years. You know how this was found out? Black Agenda Report found out when the photographer passed away and ended up in the newspaper. Funny how that works.


This is outrageous. we can not have unelected and unconfirmed people, like a son in law, or an oil baron dictating to our agencies. And this executive order business is nonsense; it like a dictator's version of twitter, by fiat. And now I cannot even phone my Senators Schumer and Gellibrand, their mailboxes are full, there is a long wait , even in the slower part of the day. We need impeachment as soon as possible.