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Trump's Shameful Choice of 'Bloody Gina'


Trump's Shameful Choice of 'Bloody Gina'

Robert Scheer

Leave it to Donald Trump, besieged by denunciations of his torturous behavior toward women, to have nominated a female torturer to head the Central Intelligence Agency. It was a move clearly designed to prove that a woman can be as crudely barbaric as this deeply misogynistic president. When it comes to bullying, Gina Haspel, whose confirmation hearing begins Wednesday, is the real deal, and The Donald is a pussycat by comparison. Whom has he ever waterboarded?


Other choices were also made, such as Barack Obama deciding not to prosecute these murderous thugs so as to “look forwards and not back”. This woman SHOULD have been in prison.

Now there are some here on Common Dreams, if not the majority, that have been consistent here in that when it comes to things like torture and how a given Government acts towards the torturers , they are not partisan when it comes to which Political party a given leader or Politician belongs to. These people have been insisting all along that all of those who participated in these war crimes should have been tried for war crimes. Far too many of these journalists and Politicians now bemonaing the fact this woman might head the CIA, were silent when Obama decided they would not be prosecuted.

In the eyes of the US Government and its laws this woman comitted no crimes due to the fact that Barack Obama decided to protect. One sin has led to another and the Gina Haspels are in truth no different then the Henry Kissingers, the Madeline Albrights, the Eliot Abrams and a long list too numerous to type out , that committed war crimes while serving one adminstration only to serve in an administration that comes later.

Trump’s choice of “bloody Gina” is a travesty , but the enitre US Government is one as well , as is that thing called the CIA.


Haspel is exactly the type of person I would expect Trump to support.


The empire is facing readjustments to its globalized kleptocracy and needs a hollow spinner to turn quickly in the winds of change. The days of massive pallets of hundred dollar bills are just about over. Maybe the ‘boys’ are hanging out a twisted version of macho confirmed ‘washer woman’ to make sure the rest of the money laundering needed is all lined up. Gotta keep those ‘assets’ moving all over the world to make sure that the pockets are lined in a timely manner.


…as well as a dozen or so Democrats.


A real-life Cruella DeVille, only worse. Must have been an Auschwitz Doctor in a previous incarnation.


The statute of limitations never runs out on torture or its cover-up.

Zip-tie and perp-walk her out of the hearing room.


A double deadly Nobel Puke Prize in order, tRump and Haspel. The msm press drooling in anticipation to heap the praise and lies.


If you are interested in a stomach churner follow the link to Sanders Huckabee twitter and read what our fellow citizens who are fully in support of torture have to say.


Send her to the Hague – she’s a war criminal.

  • Promoting extreme nationalism and isolationism from the global community.
  • Declaring that existing peace treaties and trade agreements are null and void.
  • Antagonizing and deriding leaders of foreign nations.
  • Calls for invading foreign lands for the purpose of assuming control of their natural resources.
  • Renewing calls for torturing suspected “enemies of the state”.
  • Government-sanctioned bigotry.
  • Purging of “disloyal” federal employees.
  • Calling for all citizens to be 100% loyal to HIM.
  • Pushing evidence-devoid conspiracy theories.
  • Attempting to harm cities and states that oppose his political agenda.
  • Shunning and condemning the press, as well as blocking access by the mass media.
  • Publicly deriding critics with daily public petulant outbursts of petty insults.
  • Calls for massive military expansion (and renewal of a nuclear arms race).
  • Denying health care to those in greatest need.
  • Creating obtrusive physical barriers along national borders.
  • Deliberately undermining the entire election process.

Yep, Donnie certainly seems to be following the key steps to success in “Forming a Fascist Dictatorship for Dummies”.