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Trump's Solution to America's Crisis: Nationalism


Trump's Solution to America's Crisis: Nationalism

Elizabeth Bruenig

The State of the Union address is more than a steward’s report on budgets, legislative priorities and his executive agenda; it is an opportunity for a sermon, and sermons mean more than what they express in words. The ceremony of it all is crucial, as is the presence of all three branches of government convened for this particular pronouncement. The address is recommended in the Constitution itself, one of the holy scriptures of American life, and its provenance drapes it with the weight of history.


His only insight is that people want to feel better, want to feel some sense of togetherness and trust and certitude, and it has come down to this.


Insight? Trump has insight?


How can a conspiracy theorist restore trust in government. Trump is an Alex Jones fan. That says it all. A person who was on the right track in restoring trust was Barack Obama. He pointed out that damage that conspiracy theories were doing to this country. The views of the right wing are largely based on conspiracy theories. The left wing probably to some extent as well. Is everything being manipulated by people behind the scenes for their own purposes? Unless the conclusion is no there can be no trust in government. Who could trust a government that is based on people who are hidden with the power to manipulate everything. For trust to occur people have to believe the government is what it appears to be and that people who are elected are actually acting as representatives of their constituents. Voters confronted with conspiracy theories need to demand hard evidence of the conspiracy and not be taken in based on mere speculation.


She really gave him the benefit of the doubt on that one.


Obama was trustworthy?



What I said is that he understood a major reason why there was a lack of trust and that was because so many people believed and were spreading conspiracy theories, Some of the more common ones are the government was behind 9/11, the world is controlled by a group of Jewish bankers, the terrorist attacks carried out by jihadists such a San Bernardino were government psy-ops in which crisis actors were used, the deep state is the real government, etc. Obama understood that these conspiracy theories erode democracy by undermining trust. A democracy needs to have some sort of social compact between the government and the people. If there is no trust in government that can’t work. And lack of trust in government can lead to fascism as people become more vulnerable to demagogues placing blame on certain groups…