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Trump's "Space Force": More "Whitey on the Moon"


Trump's "Space Force": More "Whitey on the Moon"

Juan Cole

Trump and Pence want to spend $8 billion to establish a new branch of the U.S. armed forces, the Space Force.

I have enormous respect of the U.S. military. My father was a 20-year man. Two of my uncles served in WWII. We think an ancestor on the McIlwee side, spelling it Mucklewee, served in the Revolutionary War.


Let’s just envision the moon as Trump’s Saint Helena!


And if the US has a space force so will China. Many more billions will have to be spent to keep up should fears arise the Chinese have a better space force. And other countries may join in as well. Could India do nothing? And what about Russia? The space force race could soon be on.


The space corps will need a headquarters,probably in space. The guys manning it will need living accomodations, like a hotel. Enter Bezos and Tesla. Hmmm…


Further proof that Trump hates and fears all aliens.


Actually I believe it is really known as the “Space Farce.”


First off, it’s in violation of international space law…The Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and use of Outer Space including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies, known as the Outer Space Treaty.
January 1967 the United State, United Kingdom and the Soviet Union opened the treaty for signature in their respective countries; it was entered into force October 1967. There were 107 parties to the treaty as of 2017 with 23 more signing on but not completing the ratification process. In a nutshell, the treaty calls for space exploration for scientific purposes only and absolutely forbids military usage or weaponization.

Second, it’s an end run around Congress whose job it is to make such decisions and appropriations. Former Navy pilot and Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine introduced and lobbied for his American Space Renaissance Act in the spring of 2016. The bill was introduced to Congress and was referred to 15 Congressional committees and subcommittees. There were no other actions on the bill by Congress.

Third, this politicizes the one agency heretofore led by scientists. Bridenstine was an early Trump supporter. One of the first beach head teams after Trump’s inauguration was NASA (SCOTUS Justice Kennedy’s son Greg was senior financial advisor). The team of “advisors” was paid more than NASA staffers and had little to no scientific experience. Then Bridenstine was named NASA’s director. It was the first time a politician with no technical experience, not a scientist, was named director. But despite skepticism (most notably from Marco Rubio) he was confirmed, despite past controversial stands on LGBT rights and climate change.

Fourth, NASA has a budget of $18.5 billion, 18,000 federal workers, and over 60,000 contract employees. Bridenstine, according to the Project on Government Oversight, mismanaged the small non nonprofit Tulsa Air and Space Museum causing hefty financial losses. There’s also question of self-dealing.


Now THAT is a good idea! Let’s all do it.


“We cannot allow a flying saucer gap!”


“One who understood that the (mostly white Protestant U.S. elite) will gladly spend trillions on war but won’t step up to put a social safety net under American workers was Gil Scott-Heron”

Whether from the right or from the left, conservatives everywhere will spend on war because they are driven by fear:

The disadvantaged might embraceright-wing ideologies under some circumstances to reduce fear,anxiety, dissonance, uncertainty, or instability (e.g., Jost, Pelham,Sheldon, & Sullivan, 2003; Lane, 1962; Nias, 1973), whereas theadvantaged might gravitate toward conservatism for reasons ofself-interest or social dominance

Extremely conservative and authoritarianattitudes may lead … to an activelyhostile or dominant approach to dealing with socially sanctionedscapegoats and devalued out-groups (and) may lead to a more passively submissiveor deferential posture toward authorities, which would make itssubscribers ideal candidates to follow the next Hitler or Mussolini. Thus, extremeright-wing attitudes “lock” people into a “dominance submissiveauthoritarian embrace”.



So why in the world did you support the war against Libya?


“Trump’s” space force, which the mic has been trying to kickstart for well over a decade, is just an excuse to start another arms race and inflate the mic’s coffers even more, as well as litter the sky with nuclear weapons aimed at every country on the planet.
There is a fear in the pentagon that any nuclear missile launched from the ground would be detected and possibly shot down, as well as retaliated against in kind. A nuke dropped from the sky will not require any tell tale signs of propulsion, and can be disguised as any number of celestial objects, making detection impossible. Or so the conventional “wisdom” goes
Of course, when an equally intelligent general of an opposing army panics the next time a meteor shower hits… well who could have possibly predicted that scenario?
We also know satellites never malfunction or fall down to earth unintentionally, so there is no reason think one armed with nuclear warheads could accidentally come crashing down.


And in 100 years, Earth is an undesirable destination as it has been totally industrially eviscerated for raw elements and the warm hazy heavy atmosphere requires s.c.u-a.b.a. suits. Every citizen a space soldier, the galaxy our map to conquer.


The truth is, we’ve probably had some sort of “space force” since the 1970’s. Let’s face it, a large number of shuttle launches were for “military” proposes that we the public were never made privy of.
We have probably had a missile platform in orbit over the old USSR for quite some time. It’s probably floating near the Elysium type space station that’s being built for the rich to escape the coming climate hells cape.


And holding another voice in the light - beloved Aretha Franklin: Chain of Fools

Thank you Aretha Franklin


Jul 12, 2018 The new head of the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Jim Bridenstine, arrived in Israel on Thursday for his first visit to the country in his new position.


Keeping Space for Peace



Juan Cole is no Phyllis Bennis.

For the benefit of other readers (I’m sure you’ve already seen this):

I’m with Phyllis, one of our best resources (she should be Secretary of State under a progressive administration).


That sounds like the truth. We will need Space Cadets also. Nothing like a Space Farce to make the universe safe for a farce of a democracy.


LOL but without the arsenic in the wallpaper, because Trump brings his own poison! : )