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Trump's Space Force Would Cost $13 Billion and the Air Force Wants 70 New Squadrons, But 'How You Gonna Pay For It?'

Trump's Space Force Would Cost $13 Billion and the Air Force Wants 70 New Squadrons, But 'How You Gonna Pay For It?'

Jon Queally, staff writer

When it comes to progressive proposals aimed at social well-being, the associated costs are always the first explanation for why such efforts are either unrealistic "pie in the sky".

Medicare for All. But how you gonna pay for it?

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Only in America. USA, USA, USA!!!

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Okay, Congresscritters, you’ve got your marching orders from Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas and General Dynamics. Fall in.


How they are going to pay for it?

  • low income folks loose housing

  • low income folks loose healthcare and no one gets Improved Medicare For All

  • low income folks loose food stamps

  • all seniors take a cut in earned benefit Social Security

  • no students get debt relief and no students get publicly funded education

  • no publicly funded infrastructure

  • no publicly funded alternative, renewable energy


How? Federal Reserve money printer –

and even more lies about the rate of inflation in US.

Plus putting MIC on the backs of poor citizens.


We are at War. Who cares what it will cost? Who cares who pays for it? We are at War. We must be combat ready! We are at War with the world. We have combat ready troops everywhere, spanning the globe. We are at war with our own citizens, in so many ways. This is who we are. Blood, gore, guts, veins between our teeth.

This has got to Stop! Our country has no life for the living.

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Wouldn’t it be so much easier to simply declare our overseas bases “surplus”, allow NATO to pay for it’s own protection, allow the Japanese and South Koreans to pay for their own protection, allow the Saudis and Israelis to pay for their own protection… Oh, you get the drift…


I am all for military budget reduction (at least 1/2, more is better) and I’m for free tuition at public colleges and a zero co-pay single payer health care system.

However, 13 billion is a relatively small number that makes this headline not pop nearly as loud. Just the increase of 82 billion in the military budget was much bigger than this (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2018/06/19/u-s-military-budget-inches-closer-to-1-trillion-mark-as-concerns-over-federal-deficit-grow/?utm_term=.6d74e8884053):

The 2019 military budget, approved by an 85-to-10 vote, gives America’s armed forces an $82 billion increase from 2017.

Atlantic (https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2014/01/heres-exactly-how-much-the-government-would-have-to-spend-to-make-public-college-tuition-free/282803/) estimated 63 billion for free college, everyone knows the trillion dollar numbers we will spend through the government for single payer (instead of spending more total but less through the government as we stupidly do now).

I’m against the Space Force for other reasons - a 13 billion number isn’t the biggest problem with it (obviously this number could grow to be much bigger in the future).

That is not how protection rackets work.

An overwhelming vote by both Congressional, war parties. Does anyone need any more proof that Amerika is a military dictatorship?


Not so much a military dictatorship as an unholy amalgamation of almost every totalitarian rightwing mode of governance. We have an oligarchy overseeing a corprotocracy protected by a police/surveillance state (the definition of fascism).
Simultaneously we are funding a massive military industrial surveillance complex no one has the power to oppose, and therefore no one can truly claim to be in control of it.
There are also an unknown number of “intelligence agencies” operating in total secrecy, which are therefore effectively answerable to no one.
All of which include an unknown number of religious fascists and nutjobs in positions of power.


You’re not against this at $13 billion … amazing!

But how much do you think it will grow?

Not one bloody cent to the Air Farce. Pay them in oily dead babies!

Cogent reply.

“Space Force” and even “Space Force II” are just begging to be done. Cmon, folks, there’s a pilot out there somewhere. Get that soprano who warbles the original “Star Trek” theme.

That maniac Bolton is peddling the same accusations the US threw at Iraq and now its against Syria:



I’m for a reduction by 1/2 or more of the military budget (500 billion less money in other words). Out of say 200 billion let’s say for my military budget, I would not choose to spend 13 billion on a ludicrous Space Force - I would put the money into a smaller highly trained force, money to dismantle nuclear weapons, and whatever else makes sense of which I’m certain the Space Force does not play a part.

My point is that if 13 billion is supposed to scare anybody in terms of it being a big number when we are talking federal expenditures - it isn’t. It isn’t a small number either and I don’t want military money wasted (though I’m afraid most of it is), but at about 1.5% of the military budget, we have bigger problems even just on the military spending front.

dara –

The point of my reply was to stress to you that $13 billion is a beginning figure
for a program which will go on and have a budget of its own.
That doesn’t scare you?

There is no reason for any of the “illegal wars of aggression” the US/CIA is involved
with, nor its efforts all over the world to create insurrections, to move NATA closer to
Russia or China - and to coup on any nation which shows signs of democracy.

There is no reason for keeping troops all over the world – so we could actually reduce
the MIC and close down the bases which have existed since the end of WWII – and
let the closings pay for the MIC – let’s say 20% of what it is now.

We certainly do have “bigger problems” as the Pentagon made clear to “W” in 2004
when they told him that Global Warming was the greatest threat to the US, not terrorism.
They outlined all of the events which will be increasing in number and severity – floods/
droughts, etal – and at the time included Earthquakes which I’m not sure the public
connects to Global Warming even now. And since then, add in Volcanic eruptions.

Beyond that I’d say that Americans should face up to the spying by NSA which is tracking
all of their communications every day. That would be a good start.

And to remember that these MIC budgets reflect actual violence and there are real people
having our bombs rained down on them.


We must take the profits out of war!


Hi Ditton,
And not only does this nation have," no life for the living," but it has turned the Preamble into nothing more than a “scrap of paper,” Oh yeah and who else from Germany also utilized that term, “scrap pf paper”? Fascists are so unoriginal.

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