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Trump's Speech Against Iran Deal a National Disgrace


Trump's Speech Against Iran Deal a National Disgrace

Trita Parsi

The most insulting of Trump's lies was when he sought to pass himself off as a champion of the Iranian people.


Hopefully this insanity wilfully destroying the 6 nation Iran deal will help tilt the balance. The case for a challenge to trumps tenure for mental illness is clear - he is unfit to hold office - any office! The obvious fantasy world trump inhabits is easy to manipulate by the corrosive subversion of our foreign policy by extremist Israel and netanyahu - both threats to the entire world - the only people who don’t see the truth of trumps mental illness and growing danger to our nation and world are uninformed, ill-educated zombie idiots…such is the world we are in until the trump regime is flushed down…


Pilger will soon pen an essay stating the Clinton would have already bombed Iran. According to some “leftists”, that wouldn’t be apologetics for Trump.


There will be no denying that Trump’s motivation is purely a continuation of Israel-Zionist imposed manipulation of Americans for continuing hate and bigotry toward Iranians. There’s plenty of support for the long mass media and popular media distortions and propaganda to manipulate Americans toward this bigotry since the eighties, but worse is that Netanyahoo is showing that the U.S. president is pursuing an agenda that is not at all rational for the American people’s interests. Rather, as with the threats Trump made to pull out and withdraw money owed to UNESCO just yesterday, his stated position was that UNESCO was bias and anti-Israeli. Netanyahoo followed Trump by suspiciously stating they too would withdraw from UNESCO. The consistency of the U.S. having an Israel first agenda is the fact of relevance.

Trump is probably the most self-incriminating president we’ve ever had when he telegraphs the fact, this is the “worst/a bad deal” [for America]. I think we would all agree, Trump has clearly stated this as his motive from the time of his campaign. The trouble is that he has held steadfastly to this idea (conceived likely just after the deal among the many nations and president Obama was made). So, as with the “Musllim Ban” he will need to argue that his motives are anything but and not at all associated with a prematurely telegraphed bigotry toward Iranians and not associated to the travel restrictions. Who would believe that?

Furthermore, seeking to have Congress weigh in after the fact, and then his cemented position that this is a “bad deal” leaves nearly zero justifiable urgency-imperative to move away from a “Peace” accord and ruin the United States credibility among the EU, Japan, China, Russia and S. America.

That’s right fellow Americans, it appears the agenda of your tax dollars by your Congress and of Donald Trump is, and will clearly be instigation of conflict stated for the reason that it is a “bad deal,” and to continue systematic manipulation of Americans toward bigotry of Iranians. Is that the identity Americans think is in their interest?

I’d add one detail for us to recall the attempt at some in the media and politics to blame Iran for 911 and suggest they were allied with Al Queida as a way to accumulate a continuous policy of Iranaphobic bigotry. Trump is showing off that he is the simple deplorable, and could realistically be replaced by anyone, as could have Bush Jr. No party or group in America should trust this administration, well, except his fanatical and lying Zionist-Israel first base.


The collapse of building 7 changed the world.
We have to win the War on Islam.


Tom Cotton has repeatedly revealed himself as being “too big for his britches (overalls, in actuality)”. He is a grandstander with illusions of greatness and it is no wonder that he might follow Trump like a loyal puppy dog who will pee on the carpet at almost every turn. He is a good bellwether for bullshit, at least. He is brash and an attention seeker extraordinaire, but he is mildly dangerous given the febrile rabidity of House Republicans. Let’s keep him on the watch list…


Based on past performance, Trump will provide no follow up on his rant but the overwhelming econimic and military strength of the US will make his utterances impossible for other countries to ignore. One thing is clear and will be clear long after Trump: the US government cannot be trusted or relied on as a bulwark of global stability, and that will alarm most world leaders, not just the Europeans but even the Chinese and Russians. Eventually, an economic alliance of convenience will probably emerge in which the US dollar is displaced by a basket of other currencies. Or maybe just global chaos with every great power out for itself. But if a new form of global stability takes hold, loans to the USG can be cut off and the dollar will fall victim to hyper inflation as its real value is revealed. And with economic decline, the global reach of the US military will collapse. Hate to see the country I love end up like this, but that’s what my idiot neighbors and relatives call Making America Great Again.


Israel impedes once again on US politics, to out detriment.

Israel is a destructive, potentially ruinous, parasite that, with propaganda galore, and great vigilance to consolidate power and quell opposition, seeks to control its host. Our screwed up plutocracy, pervasive Israeli loyalists, illusory democracy, pathogenic media control, and our generally ill-serving so-called elites makes this in large measure possible.