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Trump's Statement on Alleged Abuser Rob Porter: 'Him-He-Him-Him-He-He-He-He-Him-He-He-He-He-He-He-Him-Him-He-He'


Trump's Statement on Alleged Abuser Rob Porter: 'Him-He-Him-Him-He-He-He-He-Him-He-He-He-He-He-He-Him-Him-He-He'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Something was glaringly absent from President Donand Trump's first public remarks about the resignation of White House staff secretary Rob Porter, who stepped down Wednesday after multiple reporters published photos and detailed allegations that Porter abused his two ex-wives.


He can not condemne he knows that it would come back to haunt him …birds of a feather…


Hound Trump about his misogyny, everywhere he goes. Raise the stakes, increase the pressure, in every venue, via all media. Drive him out.


Women are mere objects to Trump. They are not human beings to him but exist only for his pleasure. At least he is consistent in being a true monster and disgrace of a human being.


Pogo said it best, “We have met the enemy and HE is us!”


I don’t think the man is capable of a single coherent, intelligent, human thought. The malignant narcissism has completely infected his six brain cells. Why does Melania hang around that toad?


Probably for the same reason Hillary stuck around with Bill after all his public affairs. I agree with webwalk. We need to hound this man and throw it in his face every chance we get. Enough of this piece of human garbage.


So, who you gonna believe, Trump and Porter or your lying eyes (looking at those pictures of the former wives)?


For Republicans it’s the devil that does the sorting and he keeps them all.


Oh the goddesses who love us,
forgive us our failures open
before us breathing before us,
god love us,
you and your us,
Cheryl Wheeler if it were up to me.
oh yes I would.


Just more dumbass gibberish … yawn.


Question the feasibility of any 100% renewable transition that denounces pumped hydro. Right now the majority of all energy storage capacity maintained by pumped hydro. All advances battery storage not remotely close. ALL LIES. Let us forgive each other. Let us do that, gods, goddesses, please, forever…
Yes indeed, romancing the last forbidden followers embracing kindness,
forgiveness. Yes love. love you. love you forever. Forever…
forever (self-driving nonsense)


I suspect just like other rich assholes wives, for the money.


Not a whole lot you can say, is there? Drumpf sees nothing wrong with what Porter did and can’t understand why other people get upset.


The only thing I can think of, is for prestige and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!


Really is anyone surprised given how he treats women as mere sexual objects to grab by the pussy and do what you want to a woman? This is a man, despite what he says, does not respect women at all. And he is open about what he does to women. I can walk into the dressing room where all these women are naked was another of his comments.
We elected the worse possible person with no morals, who needs constant attention focused on himself. We will pay for this man being president.
I have said it before and I will continue to say that Hlilary, in spite of her faults, would be far better than Trump. And I don’t like Hillary. But trump is so much worse than she could ever be.


This man is far worse than Bill ever was. Bill couldn’t keep his penis in his pants, but Trump brags about how he can take advantage of any woman because he has power. He goes way beyond the slut Bill was.


I believe my lying eyes.


The problem with hydro is that it destroys the stream or river and the habitat. It is not that green when you factor in the loss of fisheries and native species that dwell in the source. It nearly killed the salmon, just one of the species badly affected.


Big hydro also contributes to the greenhouse effect, producing the potent greenhouse gas methane. Internet search for big hydro methane greenhouse brings many links.