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Trump's Statement on Alleged Abuser Rob Porter: 'Him-He-Him-Him-He-He-He-He-Him-He-He-He-He-He-He-Him-Him-He-He'

SIX brain cells ! You give the trump too much credibility, you would be lucky to find two and they would so far apart in that fat head they wouldn’t be able to rub together.

Abusers of women attract abusers?
This is looking like a KKK/Christian get together in the White House.

Ivana also tells us that Trump pulled her hair out, beat her – and then raped her.

Essentially, the judgment of Trump, Kelly and the Security people are all in question.
Porter served for a year without security clearance.

Ugly and moronic - a true face of right wing power.

Thanks, I’ll research it.

They keep bringing up Bill to take the heat off of Trump. But Trump’s behavior goes way beyond what Bill did.
I criticize Bill and Franken for what they did. But the republicans attempts to make them seem as bad as the behavior of republicans like Porter and Moore should shame them. There is no comparison.

as a survivor of domestic violence it is still the same old excuses and proof of “it’s a man’s world”. those around us who knew said nothing…i always had daydreams that someone would show up that was not scared of him and took him out behind the barn. domestic violence, such an ugly word. everything was always about Him and how he felt. it is important that men start to get involved if they know a friend is abusing his wife/kids. it is time to speak up for the woman at the supermarket covering her black eye with sunglasses, keeping the kids at home because of the marks. it is time that mankind realize just how ugly it can get and stand up. what about her career? taking time off til the bruises fade? it is a disgrace.

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Trump is a pedophile mafia piece of human garbage. I read on veteranstoday.com that he raped a 13 year old girl. He was filmed and entrapped then blackmailed to be president and never step out of line doing exactly as he was told or else suffer the consequences. I believe it.

President Pu$$y-Grabber to Porter:
“I hope your relationship with Hope Hicks is a face-smashing success!”

Wow. Was I ever in a good mood before my computer crashed last Friday… Gotta try to keep that attitude going somehow. My last comment against self-driving car (nonsense) is always on the forefront of my activism. Too many conscientious environmentalists actually believe they’d do any good even if the tech was possible, which it isn’t. EVs, on the other hand, have real potential to promote rooftop solar. PHEVs promote bio-fuels including hydrogen better than fuel cells. Once households gain the choice of whether electricity is for household use or for driving, economic incentives arise that reduce driving whereby alternate modes of travel, walking, mass transit, bicycling, gain an advantageous share of travel needed to prevent catastrophic climate change and build local/regional economies that undermine the global economy.