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Trump's 'Strategic' Attacks on Media Threaten to Incite Violence, UN Human Rights Experts Say


Trump's 'Strategic' Attacks on Media Threaten to Incite Violence, UN Human Rights Experts Say

Julia Conley, staff writer

The White House has shrugged off accusations that President Donald Trump is waging war on the news media—notably this week when press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders declined to state that the press is not, as Trump has stated, "the enemy of the people."


Meanwhile, our Katzengrabber-in-Chief get his news from the biggest single source of fake news on Planet Earth, Mr. Murdoch’s Fox. The alt-right sure does love its alt-facts.


The white nationalist agenda requires an attack on the media. By all conventional standards non-whites and Jews have successfully integrated into US society. Pluralism has been very successful. The only two blips are an underclass of blacks and Hispanics, but there is now a large black middle class and Hispanic middle class. The only way the white nationalists can win the argument is by lying and that is what they realize and do continuously. Obviously the press is going to point out these lies so the press has be demonized and made the enemy. One enough people agree that the press is the enemy then lies about crime rates of minorities, jihadists among Muslims, and conspiracies about Jews to gain control are wide believed. There is no net immigration across the Mexican yet the white nationalists claim this i major problem. Undocumented immigrants do not have high crime rates yet is claimed they do. Immigrants from Syria are well vetted before they can enter the US. The media for the most part is doing its job in informing the people about the government and Trump; must claim the media is actually full of fake news to keep the white nationalist movement on track.


Wouldn’t it be lovely if the Mainstream Media chose to no longer cover the Jerk in the White House and instead covered real news like the people in Yemen being systematically murdered by our weapons sold to the Saudis?

If the Media refused to put 45’s ugly mug on the TV, it might cause him to pop a vessel.


Too little attention has been given to the real threats of violence occurring over political differences, which have vastly increased from the total lunatic fringe into the relative mainstream since 2016.

Once we merely heard vaguely and informally of exclusionary threats implying violence in certain rural areas, but now, on some landscapes and certainly in internet comment we can easily find and see both implied threat of violence and real threats.

From those popular self-aggrandizing sites like facebook to apparently doxxed emails, this occurs.
facebook should be liable for all past and present such violent arousal content. Twitter is in its nature inflammatory, as it promotes thoughtless knee-jerk repartee’. The dumbing-down it has accelerated is culturally its worst aspect, as no considered or civil discussion can occur in an insult-trading format such as it creates.

I have felt that we are at some kind of war falling just short of actual shooting for many months now.

The threats in response to impeachment discussion are widespread, and the longer the US House waits in the face of clear emoluments violations and open admission of interaction with non-US entities to gain “dirt” or evidence of unprincipled actions in the 2016 election or before, the more likely and greater the thoughtless resort to violence. Impeachment opens investigation.
The House is remiss until it acts sternly on the emoluments and refusal to divest, as well as the post-inauguration corruption of trading foreign govt favors for private business advantage for trump interests.


Violence is expected in Portland, Oregon tomorrow at a right wing rally being held by the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer. The antifa is expected to show up in large numbers. It could be worse than the riot in Portland this past June when these groups squared off. It seems sure that this Portland would not be dealing with this if Trump hadn’t stirred up hate in the right wingers.


To the editor:

“But Lanza and Kaye noted that reporting of the facts of Trump’s presidency does constitute unfair bias against him.”

That’s from the article. Shouldn’t that read, “But Lanza and Kaye noted that reporting of the facts of Trump’s presidency does NOT constitute unfair bias against him.”?

Because, obviously, reporting the facts does not constitute unfair bias.


The Trump admin. DOES NOT WANT the public to have free access to information!

This is probably a delusional comparison, but given all the negative hype surrounding Trump and government these days, I had to re-visit a favorite Netflix series of mine: The West Wing. Just for a little bit of fresh air concerning politics. Ah, if only we had a press secretary and a president like C.J. and President Bartlett. The strange thing was, this series was written in the 80’s and early 90’s and many of the issues are quite current even today. Now that’s a TV show trump should be watching and emulating.


In one way I agree with Trump that the MSM has been the enemy of the people, because it has been nothing but pressitutes and whores for America’s wars. And if Trump attacks Iran the MSM whorespondents will no doubt be his cheerleaders. The cable news networks will never, never, never come out and say: THIS IS WRONG! No! CNN and all the rest will no doubt feed us the same ol same ol BS! “We need to support our troops”! The networks will no doubt bring on the retired military brass to tell the American public what is being bombed …but never the truth of why Iran is being bombed!


Trumps attacks on media threaten to incite violence? The MSM American media loves violence!


It’s been three years since John McCain called him out on it, and Trump is still “stirring up the crazies.”