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Trump's Threats of Military Action in Venezuela Rejected Across Latin America


Trump's Threats of Military Action in Venezuela Rejected Across Latin America

Julia Conley, staff writer

The Venezuelan opposition and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos have both joined the growing chorus of voices in Latin America warning the Trump administration against any possibility of U.S. military intervention in Venezuela.

Vice President Mike Pence's trip to four countries in Latin America this week began with an unequivocal message for the Trump administration from Santos on Sunday.


Pence: " The United States is not going to tolerate Venezuela collapsing into a dictatorship."

Translation: The U.S. oligarchy cannot tolerate the potential threat of not being able to control a regime in Venezuela that has vast oil reserves.


Personally I’m hoping the first sentence in the new constitution reads, “Yanqui Go Home and stay out of our business!”



The Maduro “regime”? CD going for the painting of Maduro as dictator-like already? From what I’ve read and heard (mainly on various KPFA radio shows), Maduro’s administration and the United Socialist Party have made some grave mistakes in dealing with the economy and inflation… but the opposition are overwhelmingly the same forces who want neoliberal capitalism back in a seat of unfettered rulership (i.e., before Chavez). We need to be very careful about seeing exactly what’s happening in terms of democracy in Venezuela as well as social justice. To start painting Maduro as dictator-like from our imperial position in the U.S. can lend credence to the idea that it wouldn’t be so bad if the opposition wins, so long as it would be “democratic.” One “voting software company” (based where?) saying the government lied about voter turnout does not render the vote a sham and indicate that an opposite result was really what the people wanted. It seems to me that the “controversial” overruling of the National Assembly is drastic, but it is not undemocratic or illegal by Venezuela’s constitution. The real need is for Maduro and the Socialists to start learning all they need to learn, probably necessarily by being pushed effectively by the people through many grassroots formations, which are both within and not within the United Socialists, and for both democracy and social progress to be protected and strengthened while the country undertakes further development of and towards democratic socialism, including a transition beyond oil dependency. That is a long road, especially in this world, and any undemocratic reaction against Maduro will put it further out of reach. With its exemplary slashing of poverty under Chavez, not due just to Chavez, but due to the tremendous work of millions who were in critical ways helped by Chavez, Venezuela still has a great deal to teach us in the U.S. Tutoring Venezuela on democracy–not to mention threatening military action again–is certainly none of Americans’ business.


Latin America is not a fan of Trump or aggressive USINC actions taking all they can grab and setting up military huntas to prevent democracy. Every GOP budget contains much money for military/security for good reason. They plan to use ti.


'd like to know if Maduro and his party are pursuing the course of action they are taking to further the Chavista revolution or simply as a tyranical power grab. Love to hear from Mark Wesibrot on this who seems to be one of the few who provides cliarty and fairness on the Venezuelan situation.


You couldn’t be more right. Problem is the stooges of the fascist oligarchy mean it too. But instead of educating the public about the meanings of terms the right uses to demonize progressives, like “liberal,” whose root is liberty or freedom, the Dems explain nothing, including their liberal/progressive political positions. Nope. For them it’s “We’re not trump.” Fine. So just who the fuck are you and for what do you stand? The global revolt against stupidity in political leadership needs to begin within the American Democratic party. And the more aggressive the revolt the better. Primary them, the Pelosis and Schumers and their ilk. And when you do, don’t hold back, not one bit. Call them out for the gutless, corporatists they are.


Our pervasively corrupt politicians are selling our oil reserves abroad to hurt Russia Iran Venezuela etc.
Future Americans will hate them for their betrayal of US future resources … well, probably not, the sheeple are always mostly clueless.


What the ‘christian’ fascist Pence means, of course, is a socialist dictatorship. When you peruse the USA interference in Latin America it becomes obvious the US loves fascist dictatorships.


In an interview with MSNBC on Monday, Pence added, “The United States is not going to tolerate Venezuela collapsing into a dictatorship.”

US imperialism in full bloom…


From Abby Martin:



How absurd that a sovereign nation should decide it’s own destiny. So calculates the imperialistic U.S.Inc…


Just as, " one man’s terrorist, is another man’s freedom fighter ": well, I never thought CD would take a position which says dictatorship is bad and then equate it with Maduro’s current situation. He’s running in 2018, what’s Trump’s rush? Winning big?
And, Columbia being the voice for sanity, here? They’re hardly a poster child for that. ( Argentina was just tipped over by some devious/deceptive Obama Adm. tactics, too. ) The Columbian gov’t has been causing disruptions along the shared border for a decade. Obama had mercenaries stirring things up around there, too. Oh well.
The goal is to get the Oil & Gas ( how did our resources get into their country? ) into friendler gringo hands, no matter who is killed. All manner of things will be considered to acheive this.
Are we forgetting the attempted coups and plots against Chavez, et al? Republican Adm.s are just more upfront about murdering people, aren’t they? I suppose that’s refreshing to some folks. Trump, Pence, Clinton or Obama, " it’s money that matters ", and we want it. It’s predestined by our god, right? So, when do we start the slaughter of these non-American others? Do the boys in Houston and Miami have a timetable?


Great videos on Venezuela by Abby Martin who traveled there, interviewed people and was attacked by opposition forces. Her interview with Venezuela’s minister was excellent. He put our politicians to shame.

Global Online Democracy could make empires obsolete.


Right on, Giovanna-Lepore.

Actually the US is acting to insure Venezuela collapsing into a dictatorship.

The US is doing, and will do, whatever it can to obtain the collapse of Venezuelan socialism and replace it with a fascist dictatorship.


I think Trump’s rush is to raise his falling poll numbers by starting another war in our neighborhood.


While Venezuela is indeed collapsing into a dictatorship under the oppressive regime of Maduro it isn’t our place to attack Venezuela. The U.S. should absolutely speak out against the regime and should continue putting economic pressures on people in the regime. Military escalation however is absolutely unacceptable.


By attacking Maduro the U.S is fueling Maduro’s base. The Venezuelan people will see this threat against them and will be more likely to listen to Maduro’s anti US rhetoric. Venezuela will quickly be under a socialist dictatorship.


Running in 2018 is quite a stretch. When you jail political rivals and change the constitution to give yourself more power you are engaging in dictatorship 101


He used the powers enumerated under the prior Constitution. How 101 is that? Pot meet kettle in the case of Maduro or Chavez? Or, are there wise safeguards pre-existing Maduro to ensure high stakes monkey business is kept at bay? The past Venezuelan gov’ts have been to more than a few rodeos, hosted by gringo cowboys.