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Trump's Threats Seen As Declaration of War by North Korea


I’ve just watched an hour of “the Thread”, https://vimeo.com/channels/1055902/18781528 1984 fictionalized nuclear disaster in Sheffield, England. It’s a frightening depiction of what the world could face if these two have their way. They both just need to cool it; trump especially, he’s fanning the flames. I urge everybody to watch this video.


A threat of war by one side while they already have siege machinery and military along your border with ships and aircraft that intentionally violate internationally recognized air and sea borders, all while Commander of Nations military is threatening you with massive and total destruction, most US citizens would drop their drawers and drop to knees.
There is almost nothing left worth defending of United States except one’s own butt , and Defendng even that is daily becoming chaotic as the decision of who owns life or death has been surrendered to capricious nature at whims of the police states thuggery.


not just war, it’s ANNIHILATION.


Ask yourself: Is another Preemptive War on the horizon? Is it being made to happen? Is North Korea threatening us because they are being relentlessly threatened and cornered in utmost premeditated maneuvers (like against Iraq) (by Hawks who have planned these tactics/steps/escalations years ahead of time)? Is North Korea an Imminent Threat? Would they First-Strike with Nuclear Weapons, though knowing what would be left as dust? How far can they be pushed, purposely? (Remember that diabolical plan to set up and goad Iraq into shooting down a fake UN plane so that all the WMD Hoaxes could be tossed aside and the UN would give unanimous approval to invade?) Who will First-Strike? And, how long will it be before we actually see the first (forced) Mushroom Clouds (those not just conjured up by Condoleezza Rice and company as worldwide hysteria propaganda techniques), either way? After the domino-effect annihilation, who will be comfortable with the numbers of those deemed expendable and necessary casualties?

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Like I have said before, let’s all convince these two mentally deranged dummies to have a death match.

Thunder dome 2017!

Two Mentally Deranged Dummies enter, and only one comes out.

One little change.

We give these two each a suitcase size Nuclear Bomb.

Correction: No one comes out.


I wish that “we” could remove him but “we” have no say, or not much of one. The President, or what passes for one, still has a much bigger fan base than he should have. Millions of US citizens identify intensely with his whole tough guy trash talking style as if feeling that this is what has been needed for a long time.

The part of “we” who loves what he’s doing and how he talks, postures and makes faces and uses insulting nicknames like “Little Rocket” or “Crooked Hillary” into into ways to turn those who oppose in effect into cartoon opponents that his image can dominate without having to take them and their concerns seriously. No one has yet come up with a public political persona that can equal or top him

This also seems to have the effect of deactivating what opposition there is and somehow depriving it of the ability to have any affect on what’s being done.

It will be a miracle if we are not in for a war with North Korea,


djt’s base has no more power than “we” the wiser. What’s keeping him in power is a Republican-controlled Congress that can’t imagine that they don’t own djt just because he ran on their ticket. None of them can imagine that they couldn’t bull through their health-insurance idiocies because a couple of Senators are more loyal to the Constitution and government than they are to the party. djt seems to recognize that he’s nothing more than a personality, so he builds the cult of his personality and imagines that he can turn that into governing. And he attempts to turn his opponents into personalities who can be captured in a quick phrase and thereby dismissed. The trouble is that he’s throwing the whole people of the DPRK into that mocking phrase about their leader. In a culture that has been governed for a lifetime by personalities, that only bolsters the current leader’s position. Fortunately, djt doesn’t own the generals the way he thinks he does.


Removal by reason of insanity, how long does it take to push a nuke button! Once done hell will be unleashed on the World !
Get the Insane fascist fraud off the throne!


Yes any idiot that wants war, especially nuclear, is Nuts/Insane, and Must somehow wakeup to that madness!
The orange insane one Must be removed, before its too late!


" we drew the line at the 38th and gave the North to the USSR and China to figure out. We caused the war, and we have perpetuated …"

Surprised you knew and brought that up: MacArthur got colonels Dean Rusk and Charles Bonesteel to draw the line and left Stalin with a fait accompli. Nothing much the Soviet chief could do as he was still trying to retain the West as allies. Problem was that the Korean communists already had people all over Korea, and their local governments refused to accept a divided country. Hence it was necessary to, err, terminate them. The massacre at Chejoo island was an example, and such killings were repeated in other parts of the South. And they occurred even before the “Korean War.” I think what further aggravated many Koreans was that, during that early period, the hated Japanese occupation troops, instead of being sent back to Japan after WW2, were used to help Synman Rhee’s thugs to cleanse the country of what was seen as Korean leftists/communists. What happened to Korea then, to this day, can be traced to those misguided actions by MacArthur.


I learned a lot around a sisterly relationship between my Presbytery in NJ and one in Seoul, the primary accomplishment of which was an exchange of visits on either side of 2000. Of course, they were too polite to blame the US specifically, but their attitudes toward the occupation forces, their festering resentment of the Japanese, and their longing for reunification were clearly communicated. (So was their failure to be impressed, on the return visit, with our “devastation” at the WTC site.) I’ve followed up by learning as much as I can about what my Korean friends will not say, and I only become more sad.


I understand. Though foreign powers can divide countries and even, through intensive and extensive propaganda, persuade some people to prefer continued division, the majority often yearned for reunification. I once knew a German woman in the Midwest, and I could see her eyes lit up when I assured her that one day, East and West Germany would be reunited (our meeting took place around 1981). My Indian friends also felt that way about Pakistan, despite religious differences. The two Koreas not only share the same culture and history, they’d also suffered immense physical and mental hardships together. The comfort women issue is only one instance: the Japanese had forbidden the Koreans from speaking Korean, and even using Korean names. The humiliation was magnified when we consider that much of what we think is part of “Japanese culture” was actually imparted to them not directly from China, but via Korea. We can see this especially in fields such as architecture and landscape gardening.


Almost everyone I met in Seoul, at least when it was appropriate (by their standards) to discuss it (almost everyone who learned I would visit or had visited the DMZ), and every Korean-American I know, can name their blood kin living in the North. Even when the generation that survived the wars has died, they know the names of their offspring. Blood kin is much thicker than warfare for them, and yes, so is their brief experience of sovereignty.

Any half-feeling USAmerican who has walked any street in Seoul will know how to feel out of place, too big and clumsy — and that’s not only about our physical averages.


Trump didn’t declare war on North Korea. George Bush did in his State of the Union address in 2002 by declaring North Korea to be an Axis of evil along with Iran and Iraq to promote his WAR on terror. North Korea has every right protect itself from attack from an openly hostile (Iraq, Syria, Lybia, etc.) U.S.


How many know about the time Koreans defeated US warships loaded with marines?
Way before US Korean police Action of 150 began, After US and Brit Naval Forces forcefully entered China, Admiral Perry dispatched a fleet to use same tactics upon Korea, then one solid cultured state.
The Koreans had almost no newer, for that time period, tecnological weapons than back powder smooth bore cannon, flintlocks with black powder explosive rockets, and yet not fearing death, Honor before Disgrace, they sent USbfleet packing its’tail between its’legs back to Japan.
As Japan modernized it’s Navy they received US encourgement, and lots of US scrap metal, to take over many of Koreas off mainland Islands.
They were successful in those endeavors.
After Japan defeat in WWII theyceded full control of Okinawa to US.
OKINAWA had been once conquered by Japan and Okinawzns are a distinct racial and culturally distinct people’s gothic day.
OKINAWA IS in actuality a chain of Islands , Islands some of which were originally stolen from old Korea, that now are occupied by small detachment of Osprey attack nonfixed wing aircraft, all for eventual use against N. KOREA.
those Islands were once used by Japanese and Korean and even Chinese smaller fishing boats as safe harbors during heavy storms, but almost all are no go to them by order of US military.
Their build up began over 10 years ago under pretext of Okinawans pissed of by enlargements of US military bases taking away farmlands.
Real history is a fascinating subject; Too F’N bad Our Unamerican leaders would rather lie, when the truth would be better suited.
Been that way so long that leadership even believes their own lies.


10/06/2017: Trump’s Ominous ‘Calm Before the Storm’ Comment Sparks Fear of Impending War: “Extremely disturbing how the president teases war like it’s a fun thing for us all to do.”

“The comment came following a meeting between Trump and military leaders, during which both Iran and North Korea were reportedly discussed.”

Historical: Former aide says US president made up his mind to go to war with Iraq long before 9/11, then ordered his staff to find an excuse:

Paul O’Neill: [“From Day One.”] “It was all about finding a way to do it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this’.”

“From the very beginning, there was a conviction that Saddam Hussein was a bad person and that he needed to go,” Mr O’Neill told the CBS network programme, 60 Minutes. In the book, based largely on his recollections and written by an American journalist, Ron Suskind, Mr O’Neill said that even as far back as January 2001, when President Bush took office, no one in the NSC questioned the assumption that Iraq should be invaded.

[From} The Price of Loyalty: George W Bush, the White House, and the Education of Paul O’Neill, the author, Mr Suskind, quotes from memoranda preparing for a war dating to the first days of the administration. “One of them marked ‘secret’ says ‘Plan for Post-Saddam Iraq,’” he told CBS television.

He quoted from a Pentagon document entitled “Foreign Suitors For Iraqi Oilfield Contracts,” which, he said, talks about carving the country’s fuel reserves up between the world’s oil companies. It talks about contractors around the world from … 30, 40 countries and which ones have what intentions on oil in Iraq," Mr Suskind said.

The administration, as described by Mr O’Neill, was equally fixated on granting unprecedented tax cuts to the nation’s richest people who had bankrolled its election campaign. It was not prepared to listen to an anxious Treasury secretary warning of dangerously ballooning deficits. The president was “clearly signing on to strong ideological positions that had not been fully thought through.”