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Trump's True Legacy Is That of a Warmonger

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/12/trumps-true-legacy-warmonger


The dynamic duo strikes again. American presidents and Biden’s Ukraine and anti-China, Russiagate involvement make him no different; all are natural students of Nazi Goering’s lesson: that while the people don’t want war; leaders easily sell it to them by the, “we’re being attacked and must defend ourselves,” lie (Israel’s IDF- Defense Force a most ironic example).
Truth is required before American militarism can be undone, and this means that Julian Assange must first be freed.


Since 20 January 2017, there has been no US International Policy, only reelect Trump Policy. Soldiers, diplomats, etc. are but pawns in his ever changing windsock campaign. VOTE!

Democrat or Republican , the US Foreign policy is always based on warmongering and this has been the case for my entire lifetime.

The USA has been responsible for 10s of millions of deaths at the hands of its war machine and proxy armies since the end of WW2. No other nation comes close to the numbers killed. Trump is no different than the lot that preceded him and Biden will be no different either.


The only positive aspect of Trump’s foreign policy legacy may be his unintended contribution to hastening the day when the sun finally sets on the U.S. empire.

Though pundits & pols from “the other side” objecting to Orangeman’s military escalations have been about as rare as hen’s teeth, what Nicholas & Medea say is true enough. But the whole machine depends on continually feeding the bomb-bomb Iran military-procurement feast-beast. This much we can all agree on. For my part, I’m skeptical as to how much more “hastening” should be necessary. We’ve already seen the revolution hastened enough!

At the receiving end of USA aggression – say from the point of view of ordinary Venezuelans or Iranians – the only impression they might draw of our electoral pendulum, over decades, is that Democrats tend to get more worked up, maybe, but all of them have to keep up eternal imperial domination of the rest of the world – of course. I passionately despise Orangeman for his brilliant genocidal ugliness – domestically and internationally. But warmongering is where moral distinctions between our leaders seem most ephemeral.

For instance: Does anyone think Saudi Arabia’s murderous monarch would be inconvenienced for a moment by any Democrat, rather than continually buttressed? We buttress tyranny. That’s what we do. That’s who we are, have been, and will continue to be barring an actual revolution, here in the terribly fragile imperial locus of global capitalism.


Mine too! And I cannot see it changing as long as the POTUS and Con…gress are nothing but war mongering,fawning parasites for the war profiteers.

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Trump’s True Legacy Is That of a Warmonger


Since WW11 it has never been about protecting our freedoms ( the 99%); but protecting their freedoms ( the 1%)!

“War is just a racket”. General Smedley D, Butler.


Please note - Articles like this make Trump look as if he is the most immensely powerful individual

on the planet. The same was done for G W Bush.

I can only suppose that this is connected to why Biden tries to make himself look as if he would be

more of a militarist than Trump. He can’t dare lose the support of the same predatory funding which

guarantees the continuation of the same and a more devastating failed state.

The main same/difference (if Biden wins) will (most likely) be fewer obnoxious tweets.

It is not as if the democrats really oppose Trump. He has only become more powerful through their


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Noting will change under a Biden/Harris win, and I am far from convinced that will occur. All of those who sat in the Oval Office all the way back to Reagan are complicit in these “wars” that never end, all that destruction that only worsens, all the genocide and refugees the US charts as “success”. The Dems are no better. All POTUS since Carter should have been in the Hague on trial for war crimes against humanity. And that includes everyone of their enablers.